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TROLLS Movie-themed kids’ party

Whether for its songs, colors, or funny characters like Poppy, Trolls is a film that is here to stay, so much so that cartoons have already been created. As in previous articles on birthday parties, I am giving you invitations, economic ideas with cheap materials, activities, appetizer ideas, and more; it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it in your house, garden or party room.

1.- The first thing is the invitations of Trolls, I show you unique and totally blank ones of the perfect size for printing (CLICK TO SEE BIG):

2.- The details for the children will make them feel inside the film. The advantage here is that you can use any color you want as long as it is very colorful and bright, it will surely be some character. Buy or get colored tulle at your nearest fabric store and do amazing things like this:

3.- If what you prefer is to make Troll headbands for your guests, many stores sell plastic headbands wholesale which can be an excellent option because your guests can take it home and have fun during and after the party


4.- The decoration of your house or party room, because with little budget and creative ideas you can do a big party:

4.- The activities are essential for your guests, nor do you want them to stay bored if you do not put some inflatable or pool of balls etc … these Trolls games will keep them entertained and they can do whatever they want, also with the figure or frame for photos, they can have a lot of fun

5.- Do not forget to dress the birthday girl or boy according to the theme of Trolls

6.- Dessert. On this occasion, I do not bring Trolls cake to recommend because these cupcakes could fascinate me, do not look adorable? what do you think? I also put another photo of lollipops very easy to make (decorate).

7.- The candy bags or goodie bags. It may be that you buy the ones that come printed with drawings, but by cutting colored paper you can achieve very fun shapes! Or pre-assembled boxes and decorate them with tulle!

Have fun and use your imagination, remember that here we give ideas for your party we do not sell!

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