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How to help my child integrate into school

Helping your little one to integrate into school is one of the most common concerns in every mother’s life. It is normal for you to want to socialize and develop all your faculties and skills to interact with others.

In this sense, your child may be starting at a new school, or this is his first time at school, or perhaps the beginning of a new school year; In all these cases, adapting to an unknown environment, with new partners and a different dynamic, is a process of changes in which you must support it. How to do it?

How to make your child integrate into the school

It will depend a lot on your child’s personality, but even if he is outgoing it is normal for him to feel some anxiety about this new situation. So it is important that you talk to him and especially that you listen to him, especially the first days of class.

You must remain very alert to any signal that indicates that he is not having a good time. By following some tips on how to help your child integrate into school, you can help him feel more secure and overcome his fears.

1. The organization suppresses stress and improves attitude

Your attitude towards your child’s school is a key factor that he will perceive as positive or negative. If your little one perceives that you are stressed with everything that has to do with your school, you will convey this same feeling.

The confidence you generate is important, so you should organize before starting classes. Remember that you are his main support. How can you organize yourself?

Buy in advance the uniforms and school supplies to have them identified and ready. Coordinate transportation if applicable. In the evenings he orders what he will take to school and maintain a good attitude in the mornings as if you were excited to go to classes and long to go with him. If the exits from home are quiet, your child will arrive relaxed to class.

2. More information, less uncertainty, and less fear

A talk with your child about his new school will lessen the uncertainty he may have. Explain the benefits you will have, the extra activities that are carried out, ask about your particular interests and expectations. Remind him that he can trust you, and invite him to ask about any concerns he has.

Of course, in order to provide the information and help you integrate into the school, you must first inform yourself as a mother or father. Avoid minimizing any concerns you have, or making fun of any of your fears.

3. Offer to be a faithful company

It is possible that even if you have school transportation, looking for him at school the first few days will help him adapt better. You have to be very careful in this aspect because if the young person does not want it, it is best to respect that space.

You don’t need to question him as if you were a policeman, just ask him how he is doing and offer to accompany him anytime he needs. If he prefers not to tell you anything at any given time, do not press him or press him to go alone after accompanying him for a while. All children develop this ability at a different rate, you should know how to identify when is the best time.

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4. Communication is the key

If possible, exchange emails or phone numbers with your teachers and talk to them when necessary. They will be your best allies. Help them understand your child by explaining their concerns and personality.

What they reveal about their behavior in class, their participation and friendships will help you find the best strategy to support them. In addition, if their teachers know your doubts, they can give you advice and will also be aware of their social development.

It can also be valuable to participate in WhatsApp groups with other parents, to keep you informed of any situation.

5. Encourage him to make friends and create opportunities

If your child is outgoing, you may not have to ask him to make friends. But if it is your first time at school or you are in a new school, you may be self-conscious. Encourage him to enroll in activities, such as sports or music. Give advice on how to socialize.

If it’s his first time at school, you may be even more anxious than him. So, take a deep breath, focus on preparing it in advance, take it beforehand to the place, and explain the important and positive thing about this great step.

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