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Cómo hacer de comer más rápido con niños

How to save time on house chores?

When you are a mother, keeping the house tidy can be a real challenge, especially when you have still young children. Well, dumped toys and stains become something everyday. As a result, a lot of time should be spent cleaning, washing and sorting things out.

However, there are some tricks that can help you do house chores in no time and with as little effort as possible. This way, you can spend more time being with your family, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Shopping day

Planning purchases is a great way to save time. The ideal is do the big volume shopping so you don’t have to go back to the supermarket in a few days, maybe more.

To do this, ideally organize a shopping list that allows you to fill the refrigerator in just one visit a week. In addition, it is also very useful to rely on technology, and make purchases that can be made over the internet.

Assign tasks to your kids

Delegating some household chores to children is a great way to teach them how to be tidy and take care of the house. In addition, this helps some simple tasks that take away time.

Of course, it’s important to assign tasks according to a child’s age and abilities. Among the most common are, take out the trash, clean the table, walk the dog, collect the leaves from the patio and garden, among others.

Get everything ready for breastfeeding

If you still have nursing children, it is best to leave everything ready for that time. Well, while it’s about a wonderful experience as mothers, may take some time. Thus, to facilitate it, it is possible to have all the necessary tools ready to feed the little one.

In addition, the breast pump can be used to advance the task in those days when time is pressing. That way, it can be reserved, and even frozen, for when the child requires it.

One thing at a time

There is a myth that women are multitasking and can therefore deal with different activities simultaneously. However, this does not always lead to desired results. Therefore, it is a skill that should only be used eventually.

Thus, to get the house clean and tidy, taking care of each and every task, it is preferable to address only one thing at a time. Every time something starts it has to be finished, paying exclusive attention to that task. This reduces small mistakes, and ensures that everything is done with precise care and affection.

Always keep cleaning utensils handy

In general, there are preferred cleaning products and items, which are essential when cleaning. These should always be at your fingertips, in order to clean any surface or area that gets dirty every day.

Another idea is, as far as possible, to use tools that make it easier for us to clean. As they mention on the web a robot vacuum cleaner is able to keep the house free of dirt and dust. Robots don’t clean as thoroughly as a human, but they do help us have to clean less often, saving time.

As a result, the weekend’s cleanliness, which must certainly be deeper, will become less heavy. According to this, the use of quick solutions for everyday life such as towels, sprays and disinfectants should be in an easy-to-reach but protected place for children.


Clean and order while cooking

Without a doubt, cooking is one of the inescapable tasks. In addition, it usually involves washing dishes and picking up the kitchen, which makes it even more tedious. In this sense, the best strategy to reduce the workload, so that the task becomes more bearable, is to clean and order while cooking.

Thus, at the end of the meal you will not need to face a huge tower of utensils to be washed. This will be perceived as less work, while favors when it comes to saving intime.

kitchen jars

Cook in large quantities and freeze

Preparing food for three days takes the same time and effort as doing it for one. Like this cooking as if it were a regiment,allows to advance the tasks of the following days.

Another way to reduce daily time in the kitchen is by advancing tedious tasks like cutting vegetables. As easy as taking care of that once at the time you arrive with the purchase, you can also separate them into ready-to-use portions.



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