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Motivational phrases for children

Choosing the perfect words or phrases to share with your children is not easy. Especially if you want them to be motivating and lead them to be happy and successful. Here are some recommendations:

1. Every emotion has a function. The feeling is brave.

Teach them to accept their emotions. Hiding or denying them will not protect them, nor will it make them stronger. Many people are afraid or ashamed to show them but in reality, it also requires courage to accept them. On the contrary, failure to do so can trigger problems in the future, since they will not have the ability to respond functionally to them. Once they identify the function it is easier to work on the emotion.

2. Every time you feel angry ask yourself the question Why does it make me angry?

This can go a long way in taking advantage of anger. To reflect and give it a solution. Explaining that not everyone gets angry about the same thing depends on their learnings and experiences. It will allow you to have greater empathy with others, with yourself, not take things personally and give more functional solutions. Example: Anger because someone calls me a girl. Analysis: Although I consider myself a child, they have previously used that word to refer to me as unable to do things. So I feel attacked every time they call me a girl. I have not shared this experience with the person who told me. Doing this can in turn calm tempers and lead to improved communication. It will also help you identify all those aspects that are important to work either with a personal analysis or in the company of a specialist.

3. Every time you feel that you will not achieve something. Think about everything you have achieved so far.

Whenever we get discouraged, we tend to focus on what we can’t do. We put aside everything we’ve done to get there or forget situations where we’ve felt just as discouraged and the way we got out of it. Remembering the small and big details of our tour will help us not to get discouraged and give a more objective solution to things.

4. If you want different results change the process.

Fear of change is part of life, but sometimes it is necessary. Many times it is not about increasing our effort in the face of circumstances. Rather it is to opt for another path or make small changes. If the context doesn’t change, you can change yourself or you can change the context. That gives you power over circumstances. Let’s think of it as when you try to get the ball into the basketball basket. If you keep throwing it in the same position from the same angle, you will get the same result: It will not enter, no matter how many hours and effort you invest. Change is opportunity.

5. Fears are only broken by facing them.

Fears have a function and that is to protect us. Both the body and the mind usually prevent us from harming ourselves. That’s why they turn to the fear response. Although it is normal and many times they do avoid pain. They can also play bad times. That is why although it sounds very obvious, there is no other way to break them than by facing them. You don’t need to achieve it from the start, the attempts will put you on the road.

6. No one is born knowing or being able.

Many times children want to do things the first time. They often say they’re not made for that if they don’t do well from the start. Remind him that everything is a process. That each attempt is very valuable and brings you closer little by little to your goal. Enjoy the road together. You will see that the goal is only a small part of the total.

7. A mistake is just that. A mistake is not the totality of you.

When he makes a mistake you can guide him so that he does not feel that his value has decreased. On the contrary, now he knows things that he did not before. In addition to this, he avoids saying phrases such as “you were smarter last time”, this makes them think that their value is no longer the same or that it is the reflection of their mistakes. Identify everything you have learned and things you have achieved.

We hope that these phrases can help you in different situations when you do not know what to say to motivate your little one and we recommend you accompany them with a lot of understanding and listening.

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