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Mario Bros children’s party – birthday

This theme is a classic and that’s why I do not doubt that any of your sons or daughters want to have a Mario Bros themed-party for their birthday. As in previous articles of birthday parties, I am adding some invitations, economic ideas with cheap materials, activities, food and more; it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it in your house, garden or party room.

1.- The first thing is the invitation of Mario bros, I found a very creative idea for guests to “discover” their own invitation, but if you like to make things a little easier, I designed you 2 half-letter images; they are totally blank so that you can put the info of your little one and it’s ready for printing (CLICK ON THE MARIO BROS IMAGES TO SEE IN LARGE):

2.- The details, this time the red and green colors will be your greatest allies. Having cutlery of these colors, napkins, tablecloths, and adding a little mustache, will give the illusion of a world of Mario and Luigi. You’ll love the Mario Bros décor!

3.- Appetizers and food, whether cereal cut in the form of stars with cheese, sandwiches, or snacks, the easiest thing is that they are shaped like stars. You will surely find a bread or egg pan with this shape in the supermarket or pastry shop:

4.- Centerpiece Mario bros, the most original that seemed to me are these:

5.- The decoration of Mario bros for your house or party room, with little budget you can get this type of screen and mark the face of ghosts, or in the same way it can be done with white balloons:

Stars are easier to get, you just have to paint your eyes.

6.- The candy bar of Mario bros. Try to make sure that the whole environment has the colors of Mario Bros. You can use cropped colored sheets, balloons, dolls, etc:

7.- The activities of Mario Bros for a children’s party. You can get caps and put the letters of M and L in felt, play to put Mario’s nose or mustache, and finally cut masks for children to play with!

8.- The Mario bros. cake. If you’re good with cake fondant, you can do something cool like this (or have it done):

If you are good making cupcakes, these are quite simple and great for the birthday party.

The ones I did find great are these Mario Bros cupcakes in the form of Bits.

9.- You can not miss the piñata of Mario bros for the party for your little one, and it can be something as simple as this:

10.- Gifts or goodies for guests, chocolate coins, or cookies can be an excellent detail:

Click here to print the pattern of the Mario Bros. question box.

11.- Gift bags, if you prefer to give sweets in bulk. Here the easiest thing will be to get colorful bags and decorate them:

12.- A GAME OVER sign seems to me the most creative thing to say goodbye to your guests, don’t you think?

What other ideas do you come up with? Tell me!


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