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Sofia the First – themed birthday party

We can not deny it, girls love Sofia the First, their favorite princess. I have a son, and there are times when he watches the cartoon, the values that are shown seem appropriate to me and above all, it is very entertaining. That is why here at tipsdemadre, we give you the best ideas for a themed-party of Sofia the First.

Do not break your head looking for how to do it or where to go buying things, here I put the most important elements to make your party great:

1.- The invitations, I bring you some blank templates so you can put the photo of your little one, place, time etc in them (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT AND PRINT IT):




2.- The original details, whether glasses, bottles of water or cookies will look great at your party and are simple.


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3.- Perform activities, all children must be in constant movement, that is why some princess wands made at home will have them happy, or color the characters of the cartoon (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT AND BE ABLE TO PRINT IT):


(CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT AND PRINT IT): coloreable-sofia sofia-the-first

4.- Decorate your house or party room where you will make the birthday, with balloons and some ornament, fabrics, centers or table arrangements, prints etc; the decoration can be done by yourself so that you do not spend and it is something economical, just measure the time well and get the material needed in advance for your Sophia The First birthday:

fiesta-princesita-sofia globos-princess-sofia

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5.- Decorate a cake or make cupcakes, if you are one of the moms who knows how to bake cakes, because you already made it, here I teach you how to make a cute one:


if you are like me and prefer to buy cupcakes and decorate them, you can do this:


for you to print the image of Sofia the First, give you this image that you can crop and insert in the cupcake (CLICK ON THE IMAGE):



6.- Finally, the goodie bag, a simple ribbon with fantasy stone can be an option. Surprise everyone with these novelties in your princess party:


For the following necklaces, you can go to a stationery or craft store. If there is no place where you live, you may be sent or else you have the option to search in local fantasy places. We are ready to celebrate and give the happiest birthday to the princesses of the house.


I hope you liked it! And above all, that it is useful to you.

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