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5 tips to choose toys according to you child’s age

The offer of toys is so large and varied that it is difficult to decide on one. When choosing toys for little ones, age is a key factor.

The interest of boys and girls depends on it, their ability to use certain toys, as well as many other aspects. Toy dolls will be appropriate for some stages, as well as other games, will depend on their complexity and the pieces that make it up.

For this reason, in this article, we present 5 tips for choosing toys for girls and boys, according to their age.

5 keys to choose toys according to your child’s age

1. Security

An essential aspect when choosing toys is their safety. First of all, we must prevent children from swallowing parts or getting hurt. If we are looking for toys for children under 6 months, crib mobiles, stuffed toy dolls, and activity mats are perfect options.

2. Stage of development

Always buy toys appropriate to the child’s stage of development. Around 7 months, little ones begin to explore their surroundings more. Children 2 to 3 years old enjoy tricycles, puzzles, toy phones, and dolls with accessories that cannot be swallowed.

3. Personality

Personality must also be taken into account. For the most reserved, toys that allow them to play alone and with others are perfect. Between 3 and 5 years old, magic slates and articulated dolls for girls and boys invite them to imagine and share.

On the other hand, for the most restless little ones, hobbies that require concentration are the best option. UNO cards make a great gift for kids ages 7 and up.

4. Wish

Toys must be desired by children. The dolls for girls and boys are perfect for ages 22 months and up. At that age, role-playing begins, so dolls and accessories are usually her favorites.

5. Pick a Moment

Toys do not have to be chosen to satisfy a whim nor should they be given away indiscriminately. The ideal is to choose the best option among toys for children and give it as a gift at a special moment. It is advisable not to use them as a reward.

There are perfect toys for every stage and personality. To choose the best option, we must always pay attention to the age and interests of our little ones, so we will know if they prefer toy dolls, stuffed animals, bicycles, or drawing boards.

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