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Great Activities To Bond With Your Kids This Summer

With the summer solstice just around the corner, parents everywhere have one question! What are we going to do with children who:

a. Get bored easily!
b. Are not going to school!
c. Do not have enough activities to fill their time!

Yes, we understand the creative mode our parents have to shift to right after the school’s closure. Trying to find activities that will not only entertain the kids, but also help us bond with them in the little time we have with our children.

Yes, sending them to summer camps is easy. It is healthy socialization; they learn to be independent, and some kids are excited about these camps. However, if you do not have any planned, no beach vacation lined up, maybe this is the summer holiday when you should find solid bonding time with your child.

This will help you build a steady relationship with your child and compensate for all the time missed out throughout the year. Yes, you can help them with their homework. But that wouldn’t be the point of this article! Rather we will give you activities that will bring out the summer fun of 2023 with your child/children!

Summer Activities To Enjoy With The Little Ones

Remember your summer holidays?

It wasn’t embellished with digital distractions for every activity. They were simpler times! But, rather than reminiscing about those days and feeling melancholic, why not give your children a sliver of that experience?

Go fishing on the weekends! Take summer evening walks! Gaze at the stars on a summer night!

Read books about gnomes and woodland creatures with a flashlight under the covers!

We will give you a few ideas about activities that can make bonding time even more special.

1. Visit To A Lake

It is okay if you have no beach vacations planned for the year, but we all love cold bodies of water in the summer heat.

Rather than going to an overly crowded community swimming pool or water park, take them to a nearby lake for a quick dip and an afternoon picnic in the summer breeze.

Definitely an activity the family would enjoy, and once you are done cooling down from the heat, you can sit together and enjoy delicious summer treats.

2. Summer Storytime

This is not just another summer activity but an opportunity to raise future readers. Why not buy a few children’s books which speak about the wonders of summer, the long days, the bright sun, and clear night skies? Find the best summer kid’s books online.

You can make storytime an adventure to intrigue their interest. For example, getting under the covers in the dark and reading aloud with a flashlight on. Or take the books outside in the backyard, and read while gazing at the stars.

Your children will enjoy this activity, and the best part is you can do this anytime after returning from a long day of work. Who knows, it might be relaxing for you as well!

3. Arts & Crafts Activity

Children love a day of color and glitter paper. Now, it is something they can surely do by themselves. However, why not make this activity into family bonding time?

Make it into an adventure by taking them to the nearby craft store and letting them buy a few materials. Then pick a weekend, sit around the coffee table, and begin with the crafting expedition.

It is much more peaceful than highly stimulating exposure to phones and tablets. Yes, for both the kids and the adults who spend most of their time staring at the screen!

4. Watch Movies Together

Now, we are not saying keep your kids away from screen time the entire summer because it wouldn’t be possible!

However, rather than them ruining their circadian rhythm by constantly staring at a small screen, you can introduce evening movie nights.

Allow them to pick a movie, preferably a summer movie that has the evergreen summer theme for the sake of the season.

Adding popcorn and pops to the picture will get them even more excited and make them keep the tablet aside.

Some Other Activities

Once these activities are done, you can go for less common ones. Although they are not very popular with kids, they’re still ideas you can try.

Gardening: Especially for children who do not prefer loud stimulation and excessive socialization.

Museum or Aquarium Visits: Science museums always seem to intrigue a child more than an art museum.

Firefly Watching: Fireflies emerge in the early summer, and needless to say, kids love to see the glittering lights on a summer evening.

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