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Learning to draw animals for children

Drawing has never been an easy task! Especially if we have spent our entire lives believing that learning how to do it is impossible. The reality is that drawing doesn’t have to be a boring, frustrating, or disappointing process. Many times we just need to be given a hand. Similarly, if you are looking for these tips for your little one to learn to draw or you teach him. It is suitable for both. It’s just a matter of memorizing a few steps, which are actually very intuitive. We will show you how to create the images you have dreamed of so much, step by step. We will concentrate on drawing animals in this article because they are the most beautiful and easiest to create. Let’s get to work.

Step-by-step drawings of animals

Steps to draw an elephant

Let’s start with this beautiful elephant. Remember that in order to draw it, preferably do it first with pencil, in case when putting details such as the nose, you need to erase a small part of the stroke. If you know how to make circles, you practically have a large part won; if you get them a little crooked, you can use a compass or another object to create them. Everything is a matter of imagination, you can vary the size of the ears, type of eyes, etc.

Steps to draw a whale


We could bet that it is a very difficult animal to draw but with the help of this guide, you will surely get a beautiful drawing. In the image you will see that some parts are made with dotted lines, this is because you must make them more clear, with a pencil, so you can erase them later. Although it seems at first a very simple drawing, it looks very professional once you put details and color


Steps to draw a crab

This drawing is perfect if what you want is a drawing that they can do in a simple way, but that seems more complex or looks more elaborate. Remember that this can be used for children who already manage their “fine motor skills,” or for those who are “developing them,” so they can practice because they are small strokes.

Steps to draw an octopus

An ideal drawing for both younger children. The advantage of this drawing is that it is only divided into two parts and does not require greater precision, in reality, if a stroke does not come out so straight it will not affect the final result at all. It is a simple illustration and easy to draw.

Steps to draw a penguin

This seems to me, to be one of the most beautiful and fun drawings to make. For anyone drawing a penguin would be very complicated, but in this way, the drawing can be perfectly identified without having to make many strokes. A very fast drawing. Remember that if you want it to be a little more realistic you can make shades with gray color to the upper edges when coloring the rest of the black color.

Steps to draw an Owl

This is one of my favorites, it is definitely a very original and easy-to-make drawing of one of the most intelligent and beautiful animals, the owl. It appears to have many details, but it really only takes a few seconds to make. Do not forget to give it your own style in terms of colors.

Steps to draw a turtle

This little animal could not miss. This is ideal if your child is learning to draw geometric figures. It will allow them to go over them while creating a beautiful drawing. It is a circle, triangle, and hexagon. They can even make different figures on their shell, as they see fit.

Steps to draw a pig

This should be one of our basic drawings for life, your child will thank you very much. The incredible thing about this piglet model is that it is very original, it is different from the ones we normally see and it is definitely very easy to make. Above all, it offers you a more realistic image and simulates being 3D, without a doubt this pig is one of my favorites.

Steps to draw a squirrel

This drawing is one of the most elaborate on this list, however, that does not mean that it is accessible to children of any age or adults. It is very beautiful, with many details that add color, but most importantly, it is very well explained. Even if we want to modify the model a little, a kitten of this same model could come out, removing the teeth and increasing slightly longer ears and whiskers.

Imagination is their limit, remember that they can play with each and every one of these models. Especially enjoy spending time together while doing them. We hope that these drawings of animals were very useful to you. Don’t leave without telling us, which was your favorite.


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