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French girl names and their meaning

How can we choose our baby’s perfect name? The answer is, looking at all the options, breaking barriers, and taking a look at the infinite possibilities we have at our fingertips.

Definitely, an option that you cannot miss, is to look at the names in French. Well, they are names that by themselves are special, first of all, because they sound beautiful and have very beautiful meanings. That’s why we bring you a list of them so you can find the perfect one for your girl, and you will surely love them.

Origin of French names for babies

We will begin by saying that these names have a precious intonation. We speak of France as the most romantic country in the world, which has also seen the growth of great artists and scientists, and where the greatest intellectual revolutions have taken place. From that point, we will say that we are talking about the perfect cradle for the creation of names with potential and extremely romantic.

Let’s know a little more about the choice of names in France. Many of the names are small modifications of names with different origins, this is mainly due to the process of globalization. However, many completely original names still exist. These can describe the personality or physical characteristics. Previously the most common were those that referred to the Catholic religion.

Speaking a little about history, France has now greatly reduced the population belonging to the Catholic religion. However, in medieval and modern France, all were mostly belonging to this religion, so baptism was the official event to be able to name and incorporate the baby with the community, which is why religious names took greater strength. Previously, it was ensured that baptisms were carried out very immediately, during their first days of birth, so that the names were also chosen quickly. They were chosen by their parents and reproduced at the time of the sacrament by the father who was in charge of it.

12 French names for girls

  • Alaine: “Harmony” or “dear girl”, is ideal to reflect the love for your little one. Show your love through such sweet words. At the same time, she will be a girl with a lot of balance in her being.
  • Armandine: A name with great strength, worthy of an independent, active, and strong little girl. Its meaning is “Warrior”.
  • Desirée: “The one who is desired”, A girl with unparalleled beauty, loved and admired by everyone.
  • Geneviève: “Woman of the tribe”, a little noblewoman, with innocence in her soul and tenderness.
  • Jeannette: “God’s mercy” obviously refers to a religious issue, but also to characteristics such as forgiveness, help, and empathy.
  • Read: “She who is strong and brave.” This name is related more to a strength of resistance, tolerance, fidelity, and honesty.
  • Mabel: “My beautiful” can also be translated into Hebrew as “kind,” a tender, sociable, and extremely tender woman.
  • Nicole: “Woman who leads to victory”, generous, sociable, and a born leader.
  • Oriana: It means “Aurora” or even dawn, this refers to an unparalleled beauty, but also an inner light that can leave everyone amazed.
  • Pauline: Its meaning points to a sweet girl, “One who is humble or who has a big heart.”
  • Paulette: “Little”, one of my favorite names, its sound is beautiful and so on, it allows you to express all your love, it will always be your little one no matter how many years pass.
  • Verna: From the Spring, a woman full of life, and joy, who will always blossom in every aspect of her life.

At Tips de Madre we are very happy to be part of such an important and beautiful decision. Take your time and enjoy this process very much.


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