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Low-budget Cars Children’s Party

My kids are cars fans, 1, 2 and 3. And I know that many of you are looking for the best ideas for throwing a low-budget Cars children’s party for your children’s birthdays. Parents and children will be happy with this decorate their house or party room with this theme for their birthday, so Tips de madre shares the following ideas:

1.- The invitations for our mcqueen lightning party: as well as in my other posts, here I designed a recommendation and the others I found on the Internet are already in size to print, you would only need to put the details of the party and / or photo of your little one (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGE)



2.- Centerpiece cars, your party will look luxurious with the help of decorations of white, black and red colors, remember that colors create all the harmony in the place, you can also add in the centerpieces images of mcqueen ray:

3.- Details for children, for example, put that the drink is liquid for transmission, the water is antifreeze… it all depends on what you have at hand and your imagination!

4.- The tables and arrangements of cars, regardless of whether the party is in your house, garden or party room; the decoration of the tables will be surprising if you use the black and white checkered fabric with a red one:

5.- The snack, there are several things to snack that are perfect with the theme of Lightning McQueen, such as the tires of Luigi and Guido or fruits like traffic light,

5.- Activities, any of these ideas can be done with sheets of cardboard and paint, do not look at if it is perfect, I assure you that your child will be surprised with anything you put on any effort, or what better invite it to help you put this together

6.- Coloring drawings, depending on the age of your child, this can be an excellent option for them to be distracted for a while in addition to playing, they can color them on red paper or cardboard:

7.- Simple cake or dessert of cars, what many of us would like is a cake-like the first one I’m putting on you, however the reality is that they are very expensive to send them to do, so I put you a choice of brownies (can be box) with M&M’s like traffic lights and red jellies

Here are Lighting McQueen’s eyes so you can print them:


8.- Souvenirs or bags of sweets, Depending on how easy you find bags of color in your city center (which is where you’re most likely to find them) you can choose to make all red like McQueen lightning with the eyes I put you up, or different colors simulating Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez for example.


Do you dare to throw this kind of party?

Tell me!

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