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5 Ideas for Gender Reveal 2020

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Are you organizing the Gender Reveal, for that special couple? Surely you are looking for the most creative and original ideas to remember him all his life. With the results in hand, we’re ready to go.

  1. Sumos Fight

Let’s start with the baby’s gender reveal ideas. Decorate a battle rin with enough space around so that everyone can see an exciting fight. This idea consists of disguising two people (different from parents) as robust sumos, one in a feminine color, and the other in a masculine color.

This struggle must be rehearsed, it can last as long as they consider and it must manage to create expectation. It will be exciting to see how the winning color sumo reveals to parents the sex of their little one.


2. Great explosive cake

Another idea to reveal if you are a boy or a girl, Gender Reveal 2020 that can add an explosive and exciting touch to the occasion, is to prepare a large cake with color filling. There are many ways to know what’s inside.

Parents can cut a slice and let out what’s inside, or place some stuffed balloons in male or female. The idea is that the discovery is exciting, even if they have to get a little dirty.


3. Darts to balloons

Fix on a cork surface a series of balloons filled with two colors, letting the color of the baby’s sex abound. Parents will have to throw the darts and reveal the abundant color to know the sex of their little one.


4. Ideas for Gender Reveal based on traditional styles

There are some activities for gender revelation party based on traditional styles.

We share a list of them to whet your creative appetite:

  • Attach to the ceiling or to a high place a box full of balls of the representative color. Parents pull a rope to drop them.
  • Fill a box with balloons filled with Helium and have parents release them outdoors. The color of the balloons will answer the big question of the day.

  • The mother throws a balloon filled in the representative color, and the father hits it with a baseball bat.


5. The Secret of the 11 Accomplices

11 accomplices among the guests will have a T-shirt the color of the baby’s sex under their outfit at the party. In the course of it, one by one he will reveal – after playing a bugle – the color of his shirt.

The number will be odd because the last person will be the one who marks the tiebreaker.

Beyond the theme of the party, decoration, food and music, the central element of this party is the revelation of the sex or gender of the baby.

As we mentioned in another note, you do not have to spend a lot of money to make the moment unforgettable.

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