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Does My Baby Need a Sleepsack During Summer?

Why should I use a baby sleepsack? Isn’t it too hot outside to use one? Won’t my baby sleep better without one? All these questions and more will be answered in this guide about whether your baby needs a sleepsack during summer. Learn why it’s important to use one, how to choose the right kind, and how to get your baby used to wearing it before transitioning into pajamas and eventually, regular nightclothes.

Are baby sleepsacks necessary during summer?

You might think that in summer, there’s no need for a sleep sack or swaddle. It can get pretty hot out, and what baby wants to be wrapped up tightly when they could have their arms free to play with toys and explore their environment? While it can be tempting to say goodbye to baby’s wraps for warmer months, sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp—the author of Happiest Baby on the Block—warns against ditching your baby’s bundle just yet. Babies like being warm, he says.

You want them to be comfortable so they can go back into a deep sleep. 

He recommends keeping your baby in a blanket even if you live somewhere where temperatures are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). Keeping them covered will help keep them warm and comfortable while still allowing them to feel secure. And as any parent knows, better sleep means happier babies, so don’t get rid of that sleepsack just yet. Instead, opt for a lightweight, breathable sleepsack for the warmer months.

My baby needs to be swaddled, can I swaddle him in a sleepsack during summer?

No. You should never swaddle and use a sleepsack at the same time. If your baby is under two months, a swaddle is a better fit. After the two-month mark, you should switch to a sleepsack such as one from Ergobaby’s sleepsack collection. When shopping around, you’ll want to make sure that it is made of breathable fabric (bamboo or cotton is best) and has adjustable straps with built-in armholes to allow him room to breathe comfortably without overheating.

Are there alternatives to using sleep sacks for newborns during summertime?

A baby sleep sack is an essential piece of equipment for safety as your baby grows and is learning to crawl, walk, or run. As long as you’re careful about where you buy yours, there are no issues with using them during summertime. If they’re made out of muslin or bamboo cotton fabric—one of these materials can help keep your baby warm at night without being too much trouble in hot weather. It’s always important to pay attention to what your baby needs and adjust accordingly; do not just stick with tradition because that’s what everyone else does!

It’s never too late to introduce sleep sacks! If you’re looking for something warmer than a blanket during the summer months, check out these comfortable baby sleepsacks that should keep your little one warm at night.

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