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como hacer una pinata

Make your own piñata for a children’s party

Here I am going to give you several ideas to make a piñata and how to decorate a piñata, they are easy and simple to make. Really to make an elaborated piñata, you must have the interest to do it, it takes time and materials; not for nothing do they cost what they cost. If your party will be of some character, let me tell you that those are the most difficult, since the proportion and resemblance to the original, takes time and needs some talent; if you feel motivated or do it with a lot of dedication.


In general, to make a piñata (at home) you need corrugated cardboard (you get in stationery), scissors, crepe paper, adhesive tape, and Glue type Pritt or Resistol.

If you want to make it harder/stronger/harder to break, you need to make engrudo (water and flour well mixed as pasta) and various newspapers.

This first is the Burrito piñata, easy and very well explained. It is not as used in Mexico, but it looks very nice, especially for young children. The tip is that for this cardboard piñata we use many colors to make it look:


Something else for children can be one of the Minions, starting from paper and balloons (they will love it, you do not have to complicate yourself):


With a rectangular box you can have a piñata of a fire truck:pinata-bomberos

Or a spider-man piñata, made of a large balloon, putting layer after layer of engrudo + newspapers. He only draws spiderman’s eyes on cardboard and with a black marker, the stripes of the spider’s web:


Continuing with the fans of the Avengers, the shield of Captain America, can be somewhat simple, since it is a circle, it is a round cardboard piñata:
pinata-capitan-america1 pinata-capitan-america2 pinata-capitan-america3 pinata-capitan-america4

The next one caught my attention since it can be used for the day of the dead, although it is not very common to break a piñata that day, if you have several children at home, it can be a good option so that they do not get bored:pinata-calaveramateriales


The classic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve piñatas, the star piñata that represents sins:pinata-picos-estrella

Finally some watermelon ideas, what? because it’s easy, and if it’s just to hang out, why not do it?pinata-sandia-fruta pinata-sandia-fruta2

The reality is that everything is at the base of the piñata, since you have well armed, with cardboard, boxes, balloons, or boats, the rest will be decoration.

Can you imagine what this piñata will be? Right?


Would you dare to make a piñata? Tell me further down in the comments!


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