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Tips: How to work and raise kids at the same time

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To remain economically active after entering the wonderful world of “being a mom” may seem difficult and overwhelming, but it is not impossible. In fact, this makes you a “super mom.” Every year more women entrepreneurs do something they love, work and raise.

But how to start? Choose a project that you like and in which you have skills or experience. The idea is that you enjoy what you are doing and it does not become a burden for you. The following 6 tips for enterprising mothers you will love.

1. Plan your first steps

Planning is an essential point to start a business if you are one of those entrepreneurial mothers. Sit with a pencil and paper to create your business strategy and action plan. This step is essential, so don’t be afraid to ask for professional guidance. Once you have your plan and list of tasks, mark those in which you will need help.

2. Lean on technology

Learning how to work and raise at the same time means catching up with new technological trends and new business models. Now, thanks to the internet and networks, you have a whole range of opportunities to find – or create – a new source of digital income. It is important that you study the market before creating your action plan.

In addition, also rely on social networks to promote your venture. If you are a Millennial mom and technology is part of your daily life, starting an online business is an excellent option.

3. Train yourself

Take courses related to the idea you are about to start and about entrepreneurship management to be better prepared. All the tools that help you train and update you will be important. Currently, you can find many courses and tutorials online that will help you.

4. Organize your work at home

For your business to succeed you must dedicate a lot of time and effort, so the organization will be your best ally. Take some steps to save time on household chores and balance work with your family life.

With so many things in mind, you can face the risk of neglecting some detail, and when it comes to your children this can be very serious in matters of supervision. So you can download some applications, such as Septograph or Smarter Time on your mobile device to keep up to date with all the pending issues of each day, hour and minute.

5. Delegate and ask for help

Mothers who work and raise their children are multifaceted and super powerful, but that is not why they should do everything alone. If you delegate tasks and ask for help from your partner or family member, you will have a better chance of success.

You can also support yourself with a babysitter or enroll your children in a nursery, without feeling guilty. As long as you spend quality time with them when you’re at home, they won’t be affected by your work.

6. Search for partners or allies

Starting as an entrepreneurial mother will be a great challenge. If you assume it with another person it may be easier. In addition to sharing expenses, it will surely provide other ideas and contacts.

Entrepreneurship will always be a great challenge, but with organization and discipline, you can achieve it. Remember that while you spend quality time with your children you can give them all the attention they need.

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