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French boy names and their meaning

If you are looking for an original name, with a sound that emanates romanticism, definitely names in French are the ideal ones for your baby. Its pronunciation makes us feel in the city of love. They have a special touch, especially because they carry their part of the culture of a country that has been part of the most important events in the world. That’s why here we bring you a list of French names for children with their meanings and part of their history. Let’s go there.

Origin French names for babies

France is known for being the most famous tourist destination country in the world and it is not in vain. We talk about the fact that currently its gastronomy has been recognized as the cultural heritage of humanity, being the most famous for its exquisite wine. They have the most beautiful and romantic monuments, as well as very interesting characters because France has seen great artists and scientists grow. It is the place where the greatest intellectual revolutions have taken place. From that point, we will say that we are talking about the perfect cradle for the creation of names with potential, strength, and extreme beauty.

Some of the French names today are the product of globalization since they have come to adopt names of another origin and have made them their own, even improving them. Although there are also still many completely original names that can describe the personality or physical characteristics, highlighting in children the strength of spirit and physics. One of the most desired characteristics, first of all, because of the war conditions that this country used to experience.

Something common was the use of names that expressed social or geographical conditions, for example, Agrican: one who comes from the countryside or from Arber: Herb merchant. These are the most frequent. Another category that is added to the names of men is that of the Catholic sphere, all those that could reflect a connection with the spiritual or God, because previously almost the entire population in France belonged to this religion, although today they tend to be less common. Once we knew a little bit of the history of this country, let’s get to know some of these beautiful names.

French names for children

  • Alain: “Handsome man”, a boy endowed with beauty, ideal for that little face that you fell in love with as soon as he was in your arms.
  • Aluin: “Noble friend”, this name expresses characteristics such as honesty, good listening, empathy and loyalty.
  • Arnaud: “Eagle”, taking up the characteristics of this peculiar bird, we would be talking about a small cunning, brave, strong, agile, and with unparalleled greatness in his being.
  • Davet: It would be translated as “Beloved.” Nothing like reminding him of the love you feel for your child, every time you say his name.
  • Dexter: “Cultured or lucky”, a child destined to create things, to know, extremely intelligent, but who will also be very lucky in everything he does and with whom he relates.
  • Etienne: Which means “crown”, worthy of a prince.
  • Harbin: “Glorious warrior”, a man who will win each of his battles. With a lot of strength, independence, and tenacity.
  • Julien: Which means “baby born of love”, beautiful meaning.
  • Luc: A short and straightforward name, but one that sounds beautiful, and shows what it came to bring to your life. It means “Light”.
  • Marcel: This means little warrior, ideal for those babies who are getting ahead in a difficult situation.
  • Philippe: Which means “the one who loves horses”.
  • Pruet: this name has as meaning “Brave”, that person who regardless of the fears he has, will face each one, because he knows that he will have a lot of learning from it, therefore he will also be very bold.
  • Raoul: It means “Wolf”, taking the characteristics of this imposing animal, we will say that it is ideal for a child who likes to be in the family, knows how to work in a team, is very intelligent, loyal, free and cunning.
  • Satordi: “Saturn”, yes, the planet. It is usually related to a fair, mature person and a constant search for perfection.
  • Sébastien: This means “respected” and “worshipped.”
  • Sennet: “Wise”, who possesses unparalleled prudence, maturity, and vast knowledge.

We hope you’ve found a name that can perfectly describe your little one. If you want to continue knowing more options and other cultures, we invite you to look at all our articles.


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