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Soccer Themed Party for Kids

The 2018 World Cup in Russia was a great memory for my son, he couldn’t be more excited and crazy about Soccer. This is why I have decided to make this football-themed children’s theme party article for your kids at home. As in previous articles on birthday parties, here at tipsdemadre I give you some invitations, economic ideas with cheap materials, decorations, activities and more; it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it in your house, garden or party room.

1.- Invitations, I designed a very creative idea in the form of a ticket to a football match, but if you like to make things a little easier, I added half-card images; they are totally blank so that you can put the info of your small one and it’s ready for printing (CLICK TO SEE IN LARGE):

2.- The details, this time the white, black, and green colors will be your greatest allies. Having cutlery of these colors, napkins, tablecloths, and objects like whistles will look great. Remember that you can make it as simple or complex as you wish.

3.- The centerpieces, the most original that seemed to me are these:

4.- The games and activities for a football party will obviously include a ball and plenty of room to run. If you can do it in the garden, park or free field much better. In addition to the famous Gol Para, Penalties, and fúbtolito I recommend a circuit with obstacles and another to aim:

5.- The soccer piñata can not be missed. Whether it is a grass-textured one with the figure of the birthday number or a simply lined sphere, you can not miss the fun, try to make it yourself!!!

6.- Football birthday cakes are always an expectation between visitors, in the same way, if you have taken fondant classes you can surely do things like the following cake, or have it done. But if it is easy for you to buy muffins or cupcakes, check the option below and you can put the chocolate football balls they sell in any candy store:

7.- The goodie bags, as a souvenir of the party for your guests, you can give these chocolates that I mention that are worth like $.50 cents bought in bulk. I found on Pinterest this idea of the dishes that it’s also very original and that you can do if you have enough time to plan the birthday party.

Did you like the ideas and decoration? Do you have any comments? I hope you really enjoy this football-themed party!


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