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Desarrollo bebé 3 meses

Your baby of 3 months

Your baby of 3 months, has the curiosity of everything that surrounds him and he shows it by the way he looks his hands when they move, he touches the objects around him, and it’s interested in looking your face. He’ll show his interest and curiosity looking, touching, hearing, and tasting.

Know your baby a little more and check out how is his development in this month

3_monthsMotor development:

1. He moves his legs and little arms tightly. He can do it at the same time or leg and arm on the same side.
2. If you apply a little pressure on the soles of your feet; he will spread his legs.
3. If you support your baby on their little feet on a surface in a vertical position; you’ll notice that the baby can hold the weight of his body.
4. This month your baby interlaces his fingers and puts his arms up to the stomach.
5. When he lays in his stomach, he can hold his head and straightens his back for 10 seconds.
6. He can sit with support.
7. If you straighten your baby, he holds his head turning from side to side in any position when lying.
8. He discovers the objects and takes them when they are nearby.
9. Your baby separates and folds his hands and moves his arms when he sees something that catches his attention.
10. When your baby is face-up, he pedals with his little feet and watches them.

Cognitive development:

1. Your baby realizes that the objects he takes, are different one from another.
2. He starts developing his memory, if you show him an object he saw before, he will remember it and he will show it to you being excited.
3. Your baby begins to recognize and differentiate people.
4. At the end of 3 months of age, your baby is beginning to handle both sides of his body and stops dominating the right side of his brain.

Language development:

1. Your baby cries only when he’s hungry or sleepy.
2. He produces sounds with his mouth, using his tongue and vocal cords to make sounds.
3. Babbles and gargles.
4. When your baby is relaxed and happy, he smiles, screams, and beeps (single talk).

bebe-3-mesesVisual development:

1. Your baby discovers his hands with their eyes. It is the first step to self-awareness.
2. Sees objects moving at 3 meters away.
3. Still with his eyes and turns his head 180 degrees (side to side) an object that is 30 cms. of distance.
4. Increases your hand-eye coordination. (management-hand view)
5. Shows interest in objects in detail and striking colors.
6. He sees his fingers separately, but has no notion of their entire hand.

Olfactory development:

1. It is much more sensitive to odors.

foto-bebe-3-mesesAuditory development:

1. At this age, your baby locates the source of a sound, flips with ease.
2. Coordinates the action: ear-eye-movement.
3. Stop sucking when they heard a sound.
4. Recognizes your voice.
5. Your baby relaxes by listening to voices that are familiar or with some nice sound.
6. Weeps when there is a sound that frightens him.
7. He is excited to hear the sound of water either in the tub or shower.

Tactile development:

1. Your baby begins to put objects in their mouth because that’s how you know their taste and texture.
2. He discovers everything he touches with his hands.
3. He grabs things with his hands and can hold them for a longer time.

smilebabySocial-affective development:

1. Your baby will have a change of mood in this age, you will see him a lot happier. It is also logical that babies won’t be happy all day, do not worry if yours is one of them.
2. They smile frequently.
3. Shows also anger at situations that are unpleasant.
4 Recognizes different people from you.
5. Smiles spontaneously to stimuli that are nice and bright.
6. Increased expression of his feelings on his face.
7. Protest when left alone.
8. Begins to have a more normal eating and sleeping schedule.
In future articles we will see how to make early learning with your baby of 3 months, all this, to help in its development.

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