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11 Names Beginning with the Letter X for Girls (Female)

The most important choice for your baby is coming, finding the best name for her. Definitely, to be able to choose one that you fall in love with, you need to look at a lot of options, that’s why in Tips de madre we have for you a list of 11 Names that begin with the letter X for girls (feminine).

The choice of the letter X for your baby’s name

Choosing a name that begins with the letter X may seem very specific but without as much sense or reason. However, it has many advantages. For many cultures, names or words that include the X can have great meaning, as it is for Mexico. It turns out that words with an X are usually a sign of independence, distinction, and pride. This is because it was a very rejected letter because it could be very difficult for foreigners to pronounce. Even before 1931, the Royal Academy did not allow Mexico to be written with X.

This letter is considered by many writers as a letter that gives an exotic meaning to the word, difficult to forget, unique, beautiful and special. Definitely features we want in your baby’s name. We can say that any name that begins with this letter will also give a touch, especially of distinction to your little one, since they are the least common that you will find. Here we have the list of these 11 names that begin with the letter X for your girl.

11 Names beginning with the letter X for girls:

  1. Xiu: A name of Chinese origin, which can have different meanings: “elegant, beauty, funny”, each of these turns out to be perfect for your baby, speaks of beauty both physical and personal, a happy and classy girl.
  2. Xanat: Definitely one of the most precious names, it is one of my favorites, because it is of Nahuatl origin, whose meaning is “beautiful woman” or “vanilla flower”. Remember that the names of this culture were very special and important, as they talked a lot about the future and characteristics of the person. Therefore, this name is perfect for a little girl with a lot of beauty, tenderness, delicacy, but also full of life.
  3. Xóchitl: This name is also of Aztec origin. Its meaning as it is “Flower”, for this culture the flowers symbolized the diversity of the universe and the magnificence of the divine gifts. They took a very special place in rituals and ceremonies. This name also refers to the flourishing of the intellectual and emotional. The perfect symbol of love and balance.
  4. Xitlali: It is also a variant of the name of Citlali, of Nahuatl origin, whose meaning is “star”, therefore, it refers to a small one that will always have a lot of joy, will stand out for its qualities and will be extremely precious.
  5. Xally: This name means “sand” and comes from Nahuatl. It refers to a person who is close to their emotions and with a lot of tranquility and balance.
  6. Xareni: Continuing with some names of our cultures, we have this other one that is beautiful, of Otomi origin. It refers to the goddess of love and also means princess of the forest. Perfect for a loving, strong and leading girl.
  7. Xiana: It is a variant of Juliana. It refers to the woman ‘with strong roots’ and is also related to the name of a fairy who inhabits the crystal clear waters, so she is a girl full of magic, delicacy, but at the same time with incredible and determined strength.
  8. Xiomara: Variant of Guiomar, meaning “famous in combat” or “illustrious woman”. Undoubtedly a very intelligent, strong, brave, leader, adventurous, determined and very active little girl.
  9. Ximena: This name is usually a bit common, but it is still very beautiful, as is its meaning. It is the variant of “Simona” which means “the one who listens”. A person with a lot of patience, empathetic and decisive.
  10. Xylia: A Latin name, meaning “one who comes from the forest.” A little girl who will have an incredible connection with nature, someone conscientious, empathetic, simple and who enjoys every little detail or moment.
  11. Xandra: It is a diminutive of Alexandra, which comes from the Greek and refers to the “protector of humanity”. A girl who will be very intelligent, cunning, loving and with too much strength.


We hope these names are to your liking. Tell us which one was your favorite.


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