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What is the Montessori Bed and why you should be interested in

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Assembling the room for a baby or child is a deeper task than it seems at first glance. You have to look for something that can fit your tastes and that, at the same time, promotes a climate of comfort and convenience that allows you to rest when you need it.

In recent years, the Montessori room concept has gained a lot of ground in homes. A way of decorating and distributing the room that focuses entirely on the development of children in their first years of life. One that, at the same time, forces us to talk about the
Montessori Bed.

But what is this bed? The answers to these questions go hand in hand. So, so that none of this sounds like a Chinese story, we are going to explain it to you in great detail.

The montessori method in the room and bed

Talking about the Montessori beds can be strange, but you just have to understand the Montessori Method to start fitting in. Proposed by the Italian educator Maria Montessori, it is a methodology that focuses on promoting the potential of children through autonomous activities in properly structured environments.

The key to all this lies, then, in knowing how to create the environment that is needed, something that is known as Montessori Environment. In this sense, we can think of classrooms that follow the method. They are wide, open spaces, with elements that have clear objectives for the development of the child.

All on a small scale. They have accessible beds, adapted tables and chairs, low shelves and, in addition, different thematic areas that focus on specific fields for child development.

How do you move to the bed and the room in general?

A Montessori room should have an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and captures the attention of children. Since it is going to be your room, you have to throw tranquility and calm so that it feels comfortable in it.

As we have already anticipated, everything in the room has to be at the scale of the child so that he does not feel incapable. There also has to be plenty of clear space
to facilitate and encourage both play and freedom of movement.

Along with this, it is important to reduce the total of elements to a minimum in the room, since each thing must have a purpose and allow the child to focus on the activity he performs. In fact, that there is little also helps to make it more organized and maintain greater order in the room.

How do Montessori beds fit into this? Well, it is simple: they must adjust to their size, be comfortable and stay in the same aesthetic line as the rest of the room.

What benefits does it bring?

Why mount a Montessori bed? Why prepare a Montessori room? Well, the truth is that everything is due to the consequences generated by applying this method. The first and most important thing is that with a good bed in the room, a good rest is guaranteed.

That aside, we have to talk about autonomy and freedom of movement. The little one has more sense of independence by having more space to move through, in addition to feeling more comfortable being able to look for new things. Although it may not seem like it, thanks to this you also get greater freedom of thought as you grow.

On the other hand, by having an adapted room, the child generates a greater sense of power that makes him more aware that his actions have consequences. He is more independent, as he doesn’t need his parents as much to get what he wants, and that’s something that gives him a lot more confidence and autonomy.

All this, in addition, drives you to be more active in decision-making and, also, to know better where your limits are. The child will act according to what he wants, but he will also discover that sometimes you have to wait and that there are certain actions or results that may be out of reach or his current abilities.

Undoubtedly, it is an option that is worth exploring if you want to enhance the development of a baby’s skills and aptitudes. The Montessori Method is designed to adapt to different stages of growth, so it must be continuously monitored over the years.

And yes, this also affects the bed you buy. A good Montessori bed fits perfectly, in fact, it is necessary to apply this method well. Do not hesitate to resort to it when looking for furniture with which to create the perfect atmosphere in your room.

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