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Low Budget Unicorn Party

Today I bring you the best ideas to celebrate a children’s birthday, a unicorn party on a budget! There are actually many things we can do at home and I have always said so, having the right time to do them will be great. They are not ideas for My Little Pony party, for this cartoon I will make another article; this is more for older girls although if they are also useful for you… Go ahead! So do not wait for the date to do it, let’s get to work right now!! Let’s make a unicorn decoration. Parents and children will be happy to decorate their house or party room with this theme for their birthday, so Tips de Madre shares the following ideas:

1.- The invitations of unicorns, as well as in my other posts, here I designed several alternatives for invitations. They are already in size to print, you would only need to put the details of the party and / or photo of your little one (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGE)

2.- Unicorn centerpieces, your party will look luxurious with the help of large numbers with the age of your daughter or your baby, buckets and colored paper or printed with unicorn motifs:

3.- The details for children, this time colored water with labels will be great, it can be a very light hibiscus water don’t you think? or strawberry water… it all depends on what you have at hand and your imagination!

Don’t know how to dress for the party?

Costume for a unicorn party

In Amazon there are very good options such as this costume pajamas for children with heights from 90cm to 150cm

4.- The tables, regardless of whether the party is in your house, garden, or party room; the decoration of the tables will be surprising if you combine the colors of the rainbow:

6.- The food, these ideas are so great that you will want to make them, even if you are not partying, haha. As well as the decoration, any colorful food will go suitable for your children’s unicorn party. Probably a colored cereal glued with chocolate or sushi with vegetable paint???

7.- The activities, so that the guests can distract themselves for a while in addition to playing, they can color their images of unicorns in different ways on paper or cardboard:

They can also play to create headbands or pin the horn on the unicorn:

8.- The unicorn piñata, whether you manage to find one in the nearest shop or you start making it with boxes that you have on hand, do you dare?

9.- The favorite time of the children… the dessert of unicorns! From donuts of any Super Market glazed in white, you can draw the unicorn face, strawberries in white chocolate, cupcakes, or the cake for the celebrated / a

10.- The memories of the party, here are two options for this unicorn party, simple and without spending so much money: the first is with a roll of toilet paper and the second with disposable cups and economic decoration.

You can also give away handmade portrait holders with diamond fomi. They look spectacular!! This way you will have all kinds of elements with the image of a unicorn.

If your thing is the goodie bags for the unicorn children’s party, you can buy a white kraft bag and paint it, and put items with another piece of paper.

Do you dare to throw this kind of party?

Tell me!

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