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Six Side Hustles to Pursue with Well-Honed “Mom Skills”

As a mom, you are sure to have developed a number of different skills, whether you are consciously aware of them or not. For instance, most mothers develop “mom skills” like multitasking, organization, patience, time management, and problem-solving. So, if you are considering beginning a side hustle job to bring in some extra money, it is a good idea to look for roles that require those “mom skills” that you already possess.

Here are six suitable positions that you might like to pursue.

1. Freelance Writer or Blogger 

As a mom, you have a unique perspective on parenting, child-raising, and household management. Your insights could be very valuable to others. Many people regularly read articles on parenting blogs and websites to get tips and advice from real-life moms. So, try your hand at freelance writing or blogging about motherhood-related topics. You can either submit articles to established parenting sites or begin your own.

It could take time to start earning regular income from this gig, but with time and effort, you could establish yourself as an expert parenting and household blogger. Furthermore, you do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to pursue this side hustle.

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is booming as a side hustle. But not everyone is suitable for the role. As a mother, though, you possess the multitasking skills required to be an effective virtual assistant; which involves working online on behalf of an employer.

Your tasks would involve things like email correspondence, calendar management, and even simple graphic design tasks.

3. Online Tutor

You have likely spent countless hours teaching and nurturing your kids. So, why not put those skills and experience to use by becoming an online tutor?

Subjects could vary from basic grade school math to art tasks for younger learners, depending on where your expertise lies. You could join an established platform for tutors where you can provide classes, or you could set up your own online site.

4. A Home-Based Food Business 

Are you equipped with terrific culinary skills that have developed through years of meal prepping for your family?

If so, setting up a home-based food business could become a great way of gaining extra income. Whether you make cakes, create a meal prep business, or come up with food products to sell in stores, opportunities are rife in the food industry. 

5. Career Counseling

Most mothers play a role in guiding their children’s career paths, and you are sure to have excellent communication skills with kids as a mom. Therefore, a part-time career counseling job could be the ideal opportunity for you.

In this role, you would help young students find their passions by guiding them through different academic directions or vocations. However, you may need to spend time gaining a qualification to work in this field. Spending some time in education can be worth it, though, as once you are qualified, you will be able to more easily find employment opportunities and earn a lucrative salary.

6. Jobs in Child Psychology

Motherhood enables you to gain a deep understanding of children, their behaviors, and their emotional complexities. That means a job in child psychology could be a potentially fulfilling career for moms. To enter this field, you will typically need to earn a degree in psychology or a related subject and undergo specialized training. But, in this modern age, you can do both at home – which is ideal for moms.

Job opportunities are diverse within child psychology. You could work as a counselor in schools, establish a private practice, or serve in healthcare institutions. For mothers who are driven by the idea of supporting children beyond their own home and family, this career path would be ideal. Once you are qualified and prepared to join the workforce, you can easily seek psychology job positions on specialized websites like

Final Thoughts

The above ideas are just some suggestions that could be ideal for moms. But to find the right side hustle for you, begin by looking at your specific skills, traits, and passions.

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