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Travelling by car with children and how to entertain them

Finally, the date has arrived! Everything is ready and we are eager to get to the exciting destination we have planned as a family. However, when it comes to long journeys, this anxiety can cause stress and restlessness, making the journey heavy. How to entertain children on a long trip? The following insurance ideas will help you.

Long car trips with children – How to entertain them?

During long waits, it is very easy for children to get bored. That being so, and leaving aside the possibility that they only sleep along the way, what options do you have? There are a wide variety of games and tools that you can use:

  1. Music and stories, options that never fail

It’s a secret to anyone, the importance of music in the development of the smallest in the house. Several studies have shown many of the benefits of it, such as promoting relaxation, concentration, and creativity.

In this order of ideas, singing as a family or just listening to some of your favorite songs is an excellent alternative for family travel. No matter how old they are, your children will enjoy stimulating their development, as well as their social and emotional language.


Telling stories or listening to some well-selected audiobooks are also useful and convenient travel techniques. They stimulate cognitive skills and imagination in children. Don’t know which one to choose?

There are many of them for all tastes and ages, Matilda or Harry Potter are some of the best known.

For their part, the stories and fables (something more classic) are a good way to get your attention and educate them at the same time. Some good examples are: “The Turtle and the Hare”, “The Little Shepherd Who Called the Wolf” or any other story that allows them to pass on values to children while blowing their imaginations.

  1. Encourage your creativity with a craft traveler kit

To keep your kids entertained you don’t need to have a lot of resources or spend too much. By selecting some items you probably have in your home, you can create your own craft traveler package. Remember to include crayons, paints, sheets of paper, cardboard, or any other material you may use depending on your age.

Artistic expression has been shown to help channel negative emotions, stimulate abstract thinking, and motor coordination. Encouraging the creativity of your children is essential, and now you can do it through this simple technique. However, make sure that doing this won’t cause them a negative effect, such as dizziness or headache.

  1. Don’t forget the toys and games

Toys and mainly teaching games are always a good idea to pass the time. Recommendations are available for each age.
If you have a baby, mobile toys in the car, rattles, or soft toys are some of the best options.


When we talk about slightly older children the selection spectrum expands. From card games, memory, LEGOs, clay or Slime, and more variety to select. All these games allow a wide motor-sensory development while stimulating reasoning, ingenuity, and logic.

In case you don’t have any of these materials, you still have nothing to worry about. You can put into practice word games, riddles or that involve the surroundings of the car like the “I see, I see”. All of these just need a little bit of imagination…

  1. Using technology responsibly

Today it’s common to see children become addicted to technology. On a family trip, it’s very easy to give the kids tablets or smartphones and have them do the rest. However, this is not recommended. The WHO has issued a number of recommendations for the time parents allow their children to spend on devices.

Technological advances have their pros and cons, but it’s up to you as parents to give them proper use. These devices can offer many benefits without excesses and with proper supervision.

For example, watching movies, short films, letting them take pictures, or using countless educational apps available are another solution they can count on to keep them busy.

Knowing how to entertain children on a long trip will allow you to be prepared and include in your logistics elements of recreation and education. Accompany these ideas with rich and healthy snacks to make the trip much more bearable. Plan the rest of the details together, and have the best family trip of the season.

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