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7 Things To Do With Your Kids At Disney World Florida

A trip to Disney World Florida isn’t just a vacation; it’s a magical adventure that awaits your family. This enchanting destination boasts many activities that are certain to spark joy and create lasting memories. 

This article will delve into the seven unforgettable experiences you can share with your kids at Disney World Florida. Read on!

  1. Go For Multi-Park Tickets 

 When planning your Disney adventure, you might wonder, ‘What’s the best way to maximize our experience?’ The answer lies in considering multi-park tickets.

It’s highly likely that you want to visit more than one Disney Park during your visit, so it makes much more sense to buy a multi-park Disney ticket. On the Orlando Attractions website, you can buy a 14-day ticket that includes access to all parks, as well as Disney Genie and Memory Maker. That ticket also provides access to Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Now that’s what you call a deal! With this ticket, you can hop between the different parks at your own pace. Who knows? You may watch Cinderella Castle light up at night in the Magic Kingdom one day and get soaked in the Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom the next. The possibilities are boundless! 

  1. Embark On A Culinary Journey  

After securing your tickets, you might be wondering what’s next. Here’s an idea: why not embark on a culinary journey? Yes, you heard that right! Disney World Florida isn’t just about rides and shows. It’s a culinary paradise teeming with various mouthwatering cuisines from around the globe.   

From the crispy, fluffy Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles at breakfast to the exotic flavors of the African continent at lunch, there’s a gastronomic delight for every palate. As the sun sets, consider dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where you can enjoy a fairytale dinner. It’s not every day you get to eat in a castle, is it? 

  1. Immerse In Creative Workshops 

While Disney World Florida is famed for its thrilling rides and captivating shows, it offers many creative workshops that give your kids a unique and educational experience. These activities cater to various interests and ages, from animation classes to behind-the-scenes tours.   

Have you ever wondered how Disney brings its characters to life? Animation Academy at Hollywood Studios is the place to be. Here, your kids can learn to draw their favorite Disney characters under the guidance of an artist. Who knows? You might discover a budding animator in the family!  

  1. Dive Into Character Meet And Greets 

What’s a visit to Disney World Florida without a moment with your favorite Disney characters? Character meet-and-greets are arguably one of the most cherished experiences at the parks. These unique activities are where your kids come face-to-face with their on-screen heroes, and it’s a moment you’ll definitely want to capture.  

From waving hello to Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theatre to sharing a warm hug with Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus, these character encounters leave an indelible imprint on your child’s memory. So, remember to get your camera ready!

  1. Engage In Interactive Attractions 

Remember, at Disney World Florida, you’re not just a spectator but part of the adventure. Interactive attractions throughout the parks engage your little ones, urging them to play, explore, and learn. 

Take them on a swashbuckling journey on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, or help them harness the Force in the Jedi Training Academy. These immersive experiences not only entertain but also educate your kids, all while creating unforgettable memories.  

  1. Experience Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks 

A day at Disney World Florida won’t be complete without experiencing the magical spectacle of the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle. The enchanting blend of music, storytelling, and pyrotechnics will leave your family spellbound.  

As the night sky lights up with a burst of colors, you can’t help but feel the magic. Secure a good viewing spot early, as this show is popular and can get crowded. 

  1. Explore Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris 

Immersing yourselves in nature and witnessing the wonders of wildlife is an extraordinary experience for you and your kids. Where better to do this than at the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Here, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of Florida into an African wildlife reserve. 

This attraction is an open-air safari ride that takes you on a 20-minute expedition across the 100-acre savannah, mimicking the diverse ecosystems of Africa. From the comfort and safety of your safari vehicle, you’ll get up close and personal with real-life exotic animals living freely in their natural-like habitats. 

Think of your child’s excitement as they lock eyes with a majestic lion, observe an elephant herd splashing in the water, or spot a crocodile lounging by the river. More than 34 species of African wildlife inhabit the savannah. From antelopes and zebras grazing to hippos bathing and cheetahs prowling, each ride offers unique and exciting encounters that can inspire an early love for wildlife and conservation in your kids. 

Wrapping It All Up 

Disney World Florida offers more than just thrilling rides and colorful parades. It’s a world where your family can explore, learn, and grow together. And as you can see, there are many ways to create magical memories with your kids. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your unforgettable Disney World vacation adventure today!

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