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10 Tips for the Perfect Spanish Vacation With Your Kids

For many families, traveling to Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For this reason, you should do what you can to make your next Spanish vacation memorable for you and your family. This article will show you how to do just that.

10 Tips for an Incredible Spanish Vacation With Your Family

Whether you’re Mexico-bound, interested in exploring South America, or ready to book your European getaway, here are 10 tips you should use to have an incredible family vacation.

1. Learn Some Spanish in Advance

If you’re American, you likely have some Spanish under your belt, but to make your vacation a blast, you should take a few classes before the trip. You can explore Spanish with Lingoda, an online school filled with native-level speakers, or you could use apps, books, or movies to learn.

2. Find a Family Friendly Destination 

Start by researching family-friendly destinations in your country of choice. Peru, Columbia, Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina are known for being great vacation spots for families. With that said, you can find incredible spots in any Spanish-speaking country, so consider your options!

3. Book Suitable Accommodations

Make sure you book accommodations that are suitable for children, such as a hotel that offers child-friendly amenities or a rental apartment close to attractions like parks or museums. Also, consider other factors like the size of the space, safety features, and proximity to public transit. 

4. Get Familiar With Local Customs

Spend some time getting familiar with local customs to ensure your children understand cultural norms while they’re traveling abroad. Not only will this help them stay safe, but it’ll also avoid any misunderstandings due to language barriers. This activity can also be really fun for kids!

5. Pack Your Suitcase and Bag Wisely

Rather than taking too many things, which can be cumbersome, focus on the essentials and items that will make life easier while traveling. These include comfortable shoes, a lightweight raincoat, sunscreen, a map, chargers, emergency money, a first aid kit, and medications. 

6. Have a Plan for Each Day

Decide in advance what attractions you’d like to visit, how you’ll get there, and what other activities you might do along the way. Taking the steps to stay organized will keep your family on track. But don’t forget to include a bit of free time to check out a few unexpected attractions!

7. Teach Your Children How to Travel Safely

Make sure your children know how to stay safe while traveling. This includes teaching them basic safety tips, such as not talking to strangers or going off alone. Also, discuss with them any activities they should avoid, like swimming in areas where there are dangerous currents. 

8. Try Local Cuisine With Your Children

Spanish food is incredibly delicious, but it can also be quite different from what your children are used to back home. It’s important to familiarize yourself with all the ingredients before ordering. If your children are picky, give them foods they like, but ask them to taste a bit of Spanish food.

9. Invest in an Affordable Data Plan

Invest in an affordable data plan so that everyone can stay connected without relying on Wi-Fi hotspots all the time. This is very important if you need access to maps or other information related to your trip while out exploring. You’ll have more peace of mind if you get lost.

10. Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Rest 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of traveling with your kids, but don’t forget that everyone needs time to relax and recharge. Make sure you set aside some days during your vacation when your family can just take it easy. Consider going to the beach on these days.

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