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5 Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Gaining weight unintentionally is bound to be a cause for concern. However, there are often less sinister reasons why this might be happening, so don’t panic. Everything is worth exploring, but before jumping to grave conclusions, consider the following five reasons why you might not be losing weight. 

Bacterial Imbalance

The gut is a complicated mechanism, and therefore it needs looking after to perform its vital functions and keep our bodies doing what they need to do. Lots of food choices can throw your gut off its rhythm and cause an imbalance in the good bacteria vs the bad bacteria. When this happens, there are consequences such as bloating and fatigue, and a declined ability to lose weight. For further insight into how to help with bloating and fatigue, read this detailed guide created by a company filled with nutritional experts and health coaches. 

Eating Too Much

It may sound cliché but an imbalanced diet that favours sweet things and takeaways will never help you lose weight. It will just add to the problem and increase your levels of poor health. To start to lose weight healthily and safely, you have to eat the right foods in the correct amounts for your routine and lifestyle. By doing this you create healthy habits that will grow over time to become a daily practice. This is preferable to leaning on crash diets or weight-loss supplements for a quick fix solution.  

Under-active Thyroid

As opposed to an over-active thyroid that causes you to lose weight, under-active thyroids are notorious for causing weight gain. This is a medical issue that needs looking after by your GP or similar. Thyroid issues need medication and lifestyle changes to manage properly. With the right support, there is no reason why you can’t get the condition under control and maintain a healthy weight – it just takes an adjusted thinking pattern to get used to this new lifestyle. Getting a diagnosis is the first step, and the condition can be detected through a simple blood test. 

Lack of Exercise

A walk a day is better than doing nothing, and there is a limited chance of losing weight if your day does not include any movement. Exercise is integral to physical fitness. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, it is hard to deny the impact a physical activity regime can have on a weight loss journey. It can build strength and muscle while targeting body fat areas and enabling a bigger calorie burn-off too. Enroll in your local gym that uses gym management software so you can book your schedule easily.

Mental Health

Depression and weight gain are commonly cited together, and it is primarily because low mood equals a limited capacity to stay motivated on tasks or life in general. Mental health is an integral part of a weight loss journey and the two are closely linked, therefore it makes sense to find ways forward with depression or similar before you attempt to get fit physically. 

Gaining weight can be demoralising when it is unwanted, especially when losing it does not come naturally. 

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