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Top 4 Tips to Baby Proof Your House

The birth of a new baby in the house can change things up a lot. He/she will take away your night’s sleep in the early days, make your days busier than they used to be and may have the whole house turned upside down. When babies start to crawl, a whole new dimension of trouble begins in the house. They’ll try to go to places and grab on things that are dangerous for them, so you’d always have to be on alert mode to save your child before he/she creates a harming accident. But sometimes you may need to go away or have to complete a task in the kitchen; you may have to leave the baby alone in a room.

In situations like these, you can take extra precautions and baby proof your house when you get the idea that your baby is going to start to crawl soon. For that reason below are some useful tips you can follow for a safe growing journey of your baby.


Cover Up Dangerous Openings

Every house includes several openings like electric outlets, fireplaces, and doors. These can be dangerous for crawling babies as they like to explore new things. They may want to insert their little fingers in these places that can be quite harmful to them as they can end up getting an electric shock or get hurt in other ways. To baby-proof electrical outlets, you can implement covers to close the holes. You can also cover the fireplace by a screen and have your doors shut at all times.


Change Window Covers

People like to decorate their homes with different kinds of materials, including curtains, frames, vases, and lamps. Curtains on windows can be harmful to your moving baby as he/she can get trapped in them or have them come down when trying to tuck on them. Moreover, blinds with cords are also very dangerous as your baby can pull on them and get hurt. You can install cordless blinds that are completely safe and also help to keep the UV rays out to not harm your little angel.


Hide Corners

Tables, chairs and other hard surfaces all may have sharp corners in your house. When your baby moves around the house with his tiny legs and hands on the floor, he might not be able to see ahead and avoid sharp surfaces. To protect your little man or lady from hitting sharp exteriors, you can enforce protection by replacing them or placing pads on their ends, so your baby doesn’t hurt himself when he bumps into these items.


Remove Heavy or Tall Décor Items

You may have invested in installing heavy décor items when you first bought your house to give it a modern look. Well, you don’t really need to put away your things which may lamps and vases. You can place them in corners and areas where your baby can’t access them while crawling. Place them behind sofas, on a high shelf or over your fireplace for the baby’s safety.

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