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Tips for getting back to school routine

After the long summer holidays it is not easy to return to the school routine, especially when it is the first time of the little ones who enter maternal or kindergarten, or with large families.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong – and that will go wrong – during the first week, in what all family members pick up the pace and start doing what everyone has to do. But don’t worry, think you’re not the only one, that just like all the mothers in the world go through this and you can. It’s a matter of the passage of days and organizing.

Here are some tips for back-to-school:

1.- Calm down, breathe!

The first and most important thing is that we, as moms, must stay sane, calm. Only then can we transmit energy and vitality to the rest of the family. Mentally, one or more things will go wrong, because it’s the truth, we’re moms, not robots, not perfect beings who never get it wrong. So open your mind to the possibility that not everything will come out ideally, just as you would like and that will frustrate you. Don’t worry, there are many days to keep trying, to keep getting it right and failing.

2.- Nap no, games yes

Surely during the first few days this will be impossible for the little ones who are used to sleeping in the middle of the day, but the best thing you can do to quickly grab the school rhythm is not to allow evening napping.

It’s not about making them suffer either. If you see that they are falling asleep, leave them, it will take them a little more days to get used to, but in the end they will. But if possible, better entertain them with activities they like and keep them active. This will combine physical tiredness with excessive weariness, and have enough reason to sleep early without resisting.

3.- Evening bath

A bath after playing, but not so late for their hair to dry out, is the best option for them to relax and start slowing down. You know, warm water, lavender shampoo and post-shower cream with natural ingredients and masajito, will always help incentivize sleep.

4.- Light dinner

It is not right to go to sleep with the empty belly, so it is necessary to offer the family a light dinner. Fruit, cereal and synchronised – to mention something – are always a good choice. Preferably avoids fatty or highly seasoned dishes for the night, as well as meat, as these foods make it difficult to optimally digest for a good rest.

You also don’t have to have dinner just before you go to bed, it’s important to give your body a few minutes to digest in the right position (sitting or standing).

5.- Sleep early

Comes the tricky part, let the kids fall asleep early! Yet they have woken up early, their body is used to sleeping later, because they did so during the holidays. So, just in case, you have to foster sleep. Turn off the lights, turn off as many sounds as possible, accompany them (in the case of the little ones), give them their safe object in case they have one, and explain that tomorrow is another day of school, so you have to be rested.

If you still have trouble sleeping with your little babies, we share 3 tips to help you.

6.- Time for you

Already with sleeping children, it’s time to dedicate yourself to yourself. Yes, there are still things to do, but it is always valid and necessary to pause and relax. A series, a movie? A book? Exercise? Sit down for a glass of wine? Eat a little boot? Paint your nails or apply a mask? Whatever you want, but do it. It is important to take care of ourselves and give us spaces of tranquility and solitude in order to live happily ever after. Otherwise, routines can be seriously heavy over the days, until they have repercussions.

7.- Prepare everything for the next day

I tell you honestly, this step is one of the most important, because if you don’t do it the next day it will start abruptly and quickly, and that’s sometimes hard to control the rest of the day. Starting a bad day can keep us sick and un patient for a whole day, which won’t be good for you or your children.

So, prepare lunch from the day before. Leave your clothes ready by the bed. If your children have to wear any toys, costumes, work, special tasks, etc. Leave everything ready by the door, you can forget the next day. Besides, you’ll remove that earring from your head and rest better.

8.- Sleep early

Early or late, but sleep at the time you consider is enough to rest well and have energy the next day. Some people need more hours of sleep than others, and that’s fine. So knowing you, just get enough rest.

9.- Wake up early and pretty

The new day begins and it is important to wake up early, so that you can do it all calmly. Children need their time, they need us to respect their rhythms. Otherwise, as with us as adults, it’s annoying that you’re being rushed for everything.

Wake up! Get dressed fast! Brush your teeth fast! Go on, it’s getting late! And other expressions that the time to arrive on time is ending, accompanied by an annoying or desperate tone on our part, does not paint anything well.

We want to convey patience and tranquility to our children, and have a pleasant path to school, and a pleasant stay, not quite the opposite. For this, the only way is to do things calmly.

10.- Have a good day

Whether depending on each other’s activities, or you’re going to work with the peace of mind that your kids are at school with the best attitude to learn new things, or you stay home to do your other activities until it’s time to go for your kids to school.

I hope these simple tips can help you. Happy back to school for you and yours!


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