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Tips for pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not a disease. It is the most common thing in the world and our body is designed for it.

  • Wait for your baby, without fear. Be patient and forget the stress in order to have a comfortable birth.


Take folic acid months before you get pregnant, the most important phase is in the moment of conception and the first semester, that is when the baby is forming.

  • Eat healthily, eat fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, take plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Avoid irritating because you hurt the stomach. If you are not very hungry at first by nausea, you may try cereal, soup or chicken broth.
  • It is a myth that if you eat a lot of irritating your baby will be born with pimples or if you have a lot of heartburn is because your baby comes with a lot of hair.


  • If you have heartburn, it’s because you eat irritating foods, buy milk of magnesia on a piece, (tastes like chalk and is a white cube). Take a bite when you feel heartburn, it does not affect your baby or you. Avoid salt to prevent hypertension and swelling.

Assist the doctor periodically to check the development and position of your baby.

  • The doctor is the person who will prescribe what you and your baby need, according to the situation that arises.


Do not listen to the advice that worked for others, because each person is unique and unrepeatable and what worked for one (even your family) may not work for you.

  • What you drink or eat, is transferred to your baby, so, the better you feed, the better your baby will be. Over there is the saying: “eat for two”, which is not true, it’s an excuse we use to eat whatever we want without anyone telling us anything, haha. The problem is when we leave our pregnancy because normally we reduce 17 pounds at birth, and then, is when we worry about being “back in shape”.

It is very important that you stop smoking during your pregnancy, as your baby may be born underweight or with deformities. Even being around very often with people who smoke, so if your partner does, it’s time to stop.


You should also stop drinking alcohol because it affects your baby, remember that everything you make goes to your baby.

  • What usually goes in pregnancy is 18 to 20 pounds, if you get more than 36 pounds in your pregnancy means that you already ate too much, the problem is to reduce the half once your baby is born.
  • It’s ok if you decide to work out and do some exercise, the thing is if you don’t do it before your pregnancy, is probably that your body feels the effort; you shouldn’t do more than the one you made before.


Sleep all you want, there are sometimes (usually the first and last months) that you will be tired without any reason, the pregnancy pillows, are a good option for a good rest.

  • Sleep on the left side. On the right side is located the cava vein, the largest vein in the body by a significant flow of blood circulates. When you lie down on your left side avoid the pressure of body weight on this vein, favoring blood supply to the placenta and bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the baby. (Support:


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