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African names for your baby. Feminine and Masculine.

Before our baby is born, the first thing we want is to make a unique choice for his name. Something that can identify you and that, in a certain way, guides you in life. The reality is that finding the ideal name is probably a very laborious task because it is one of the main pillars of our baby’s identity. One way to accomplish this goal is to be familiar with names that are not only common in our country or continent, but also those of our ancestors. That is why in tips de madre we have compiled a series of names that you will surely fall in love with, both for their peculiar sound and meaning. Below you will find 6 African names for girls and boys.

Origin of African names for babies

Let us begin by saying that choosing a name from this continent carries with it a lot of history and traditions. It is a continent divided into 54 countries with a total of one billion inhabitants; it is estimated that it contains 15% of the total population of the world. It is an extremely diverse place, it has approximately 1500 leagues.

Just as it is varied in its population, it is also varied in its landscapes. It is also well known for being an attractive place for some tourists since there are many sites that UNESCO has declared national heritage: Victoria Falls, Zanzibar stone city, Timbuktu, Sangha Trinational, Mozambique Island, the Namib Desert, Carthage, and the Atsinanana rainforests.

In terms of religion, the population is divided between Christianity and Islam, with the former having the largest number of adherents. This data is very relevant for the choice of names. Although there are also areas with very specific religions and traditions. There are places where the choice of name is related to the day of the week in which babies are born, for example kodtxo-lunes. In the case of Christianity, the parents choose the names freely, but with caution, because the name becomes something sacred to them. A feature that will remain until eternity.

They consider the name to be the image of the person, so they demand respect as a sign of the dignity of the wearer, as the Bible points out. As for Islam, they have a similar idea as to the importance of the meanings of names, however, they have a relevant rule. There is a list of names that are considered forbidden or bad since they reflect little respect for their beliefs. These names are those that refer to the name Allah and its characteristics. As-Samad (the one on whom all rely for sustenance), Al Khaliq (the Creator), Ar-Razzaaq (the Provider), and so on. It is also forbidden to use names that are pagan, that is, refer to false gods or idols. Example: Abdul-‘Uzza (“servant of Al ‘Uzza”, a pagan goddess).

Once we know a little about the origin of names in Africa, let’s see the different options we have to choose from.

African names for girls

1. Ashanti: This name has a very sweet tone when pronounced. Its meaning is ” The one that comes from the thing of gold”, in other cultures it is also translated as “grace”. But specifically, this culture is known because it was one of the most important peoples of Ghana. This population was full of proud and brave people who were among the few people who faced and resisted the colonization of the British Empire. Therefore, we are talking about a very brave, intelligent, strategic, and strong little girl. Someone who will always fight for her own and those around her rights.

2. Alika: “The most beautiful“, we talk about a little girl with many valuable personality characteristics, a unique, sweet, intelligent, confident, and outgoing personality. As well as many physical qualities that make her stand out wherever she goes.

3. Nassoumi: “Strong woman”, in my opinion, is one of the most valuable names because it highlights a very important characteristic that will take her to places and spaces of success. It is small and resilient, with a lot of emotional intelligence and in the same way physical strength, so it can be a very good candidate for any discipline or sport.

4. Sanza: This is one of my favorites; the literal translation is “beautiful melody.” Therefore, she is a girl in perfect balance, which is formed by different characteristics that make it very pleasant for those who live with her, a sweet and cheerful girl.

5. Jafari: This name takes us toward nature and movement. It means “Stream”. So when acquiring these characteristics, we can say that she is a transparent, adventurous girl, who always wants to find different paths and extreme pressures, as well as spiritual balance.

6. Jawara: Probably a name that represents what we want most both in our little girl’s life and in the way others look at her. “Peace and love.” A girl with a high level of emotional intelligence, balance, knowledge, calm, empathy, and who is always willing to share with others.

African names for boys:

1. Ghedi: “Traveler”. Without a doubt a small adventurer who was born to live to the fullest and know every corner of his world, brave and adventurous It is ideal for a child with a lot of energy who faces his fears and never gets tired of learning new things, but above all who wants to see things from different angles and interact with everything around him.

2. Taleh: Its meaning is “Man of Will”. This means that this is a child who will be full of curiosity for life and desire for experiences as well as adventures. Especially because of the challenges. A child who will achieve the goals he sets for himself, but more importantly, who will learn from his mistakes and grow into a very wise little person.

3. Adjatay: This name can come to represent the greatness of your little one. It means “prince”. A child is full of kindness, intelligence, diplomacy, and courage. A little one who will learn not only to think about himself but about all his context and people around him. It is perfect for those little ones who show to be self-sufficient from a young age because you will surely develop very good judgment and responsibility.

4. Adwin: One of the most beautiful names, in my opinion, because it can express an infinite number of characteristics. Its meaning is “Artist”. Children who usually find a place in art, usually have a very different vision of the world around them, are open, creative, intelligent, versatile, and extremely passionate with every detail of life, as well as critical of situations and show a desire to collaborate with society for their improvement.

5. Anwar: “Brightness”. This name can be unisex, that is, for both girls and boys. Well, it is a baby that provides a lot of light to people who know it and stands out naturally in every place where it goes. It also refers to a little person with a lot of enthusiasm and affection to toast.

6. Dawit: “Beloved.” What better way to express all the love you have for your little one than, in this way, a permanent reminder of everything you feel for him from the moment he was born. Also as characteristics, we find a sweet, kind, affectionate, and funny child.

We want you to enjoy your search very much and, above all, to find the ideal name for the characteristics you want your little one to have. Tell us what was your favorite. Did you find the perfect name?

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