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How To Make Your Bamboo Bedding Last Longer

How To Make Your Bamboo Bedding Last Longer

Your bedding should feel silky soft to the touch and last for over a few months. But what are some tips to make your bamboo viscose bedding last longer? Let’s review cleaning tips and storage tricks to make your bamboo bedding feel soft and durable for years.

Washing Your Bamboo Bedding

Ideally, bamboo viscose bedding should go through wash cycles every week or every other week. To prevent quality reduction, you should use cold water cycles at 86 degrees Fahrenheit max on a gentle cycle. Remember to wash your bamboo bedding separately, as pilling and excess abrasion can accumulate from zippers, hooks, denim, and other rough fabrics.

You can wash your bamboo viscose bedding with a mild liquid detergent. Otherwise, a powder detergent works perfectly. Because bamboo bedding is soft, you don’t need to worry about adding fabric softener to your bedding.

How To Make Your Bamboo Bedding Last Longer

How To Dry Your Bamboo Bedding

Once you’ve washed your bamboo viscose bedding, there are two ways to dry it. The first and easiest way is to toss it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting and tumble cycle for the fastest drying option. Otherwise, you can line-dry your bamboo bedding to preserve the elasticity, color, and fibers.

Bamboo viscose bedding can dry quickly, so you won’t have to leave it out for long or worry about it fading from sunlight. Once your bedding is done drying, remove it immediately from the dryer to prevent wrinkling.

Folding and Storage Tips

One way to preserve your bamboo bedding and make it last longer is by placing it in a breathable bamboo bag—preferably the one your bedding came in. You don’t want to use plastic containers, as trapped moisture can result in mildew or yellowing and cause deterioration.

Improper storage can lead to reduced softness and quality. Bamboo is naturally resistant to mold and provides moisture-wicking properties, but it’s crucial to store them properly. The ideal place to store your bedding should be in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to protect the fibers from wear and tear.

What To Avoid

The longevity of your bamboo viscose bedding depends on your care and maintenance methods. On average, bamboo viscose bedding can last 5 to 15 years, while bamboo pillows last 1 to 2 years. To preserve your bedding, one of the things to avoid is using harsh household cleaners and personal care products. You don’t want to use alpha hydroxy acids or benzoyl peroxide, as it can discolor your bedding.

Furthermore, avoid using products with bleaching agents and take caution before using fabric softeners. Testing fabric softener on the bamboo bedding bag can help determine if it will or won’t damage your sheets because they’re made from the same material.


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