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Children’s Party with Clouds Theme

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Whether you’re having a children’s birthday party for your boy or girl, or it’s just your baby shower, the cloud theme is highly sought after lately, for how aesthetic and tender it may seem.

One advantage I see of this theme is that it can be much cheaper than others because even if you have a little budget, cotton, balloons, and cardboard are not usually expensive. Parents and children will be happy to decorate their house or party room with this theme for their birthday, so Tips de Madre shares the following ideas:

1.- Invitations, unlike other saturated invitations, here it’s more about the character, so having a funny or tender cloud is enough. Here you will add some beautiful clouds, you would only need to put the details of the party and/or photo of your little one (CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE IT IN BIG)

2.- The decorations, the easiest thing is that you use balloons, which is also excellent for how cheap they are. Whether you stick them with each other or tie them up by means of knots, no matter the shape, the clouds have any!


3.-Details, you can make a kind of cloud with crepe paper, cut bond paper, and put it in the form of cloud in the thread, in cutlery, straws, or more. Cotton is easy and quick to get, open it a lot to cover more space, check the centerpiece, it looks beautiful!

4.- The surprise, SURE you have some Christmas light out there, if you have any series, put it inside your cotton ball, either in a piece of furniture like a table and surprise your guests, surely a photo of your baby in front of the cloud will look beautiful! the best thing about this is that both lights and cotton are saved for later use.

5.- The candy bag, can be of any color. cut and paste one of the characters that I put you at the beginning of this article or if you like to draw, let yourself be carried away by your imagination and decorate the bags to your liking. A pastel color will always be an excellent ally!

6.- The cake, the truth is that of this theme you can’t find much, the one that comes to mind the most is that of Costco which has a rainbow and clouds in cream, the chocolate is very good!

But if something becomes very original to me is to put cotton candy on a cake, simulating the clouds, or flat put balls like clouds to another cake with blue dye!

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