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Hearing Aids for Children with Hearing Loss: Types and Features

Anyone is at risk for hearing problems, even children. In that case, the first thing to do is to realize that the child has hearing problems and then take steps to ensure that the child can hear properly. Keep in mind that a child who suffers from hearing problems is a child who will have problems learning and developing. That’s why it’s critical to take action as soon as possible.

The first thing we have to do is take the child to a professional for a hearing test. This test is painless, that is, the child will not suffer at any time.

Once the test has been carried out, the professional will know what hearing problem you have and will therefore propose the best alternative. To give you an idea, a hearing aid is usually the best solution.

Different Types of Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss

Luckily, there are now different types of children’s hearing aids to choose from. Through the Audicost article in which they show us the different types of hearing aids and prices, we have been able to create our list. This will make it easier for you to choose the one you’re interested in for your child.

  • ICC: This is the invisible hearing aid in the canal. It stands out for being complete and for being molded to measure so that it fits correctly in the child’s ear. That assumes it’s almost invisible, so it won’t create the hearing aid complex. A good choice for medium budgets and for mild to moderate hearing loss. A good option for children to maintain their aesthetics. Mind you, it doesn’t have volume control or a directional microphone.
  • CIC: This is a variety of small hearing aids that are custom-made for the person who is going to wear them. Depending on the child’s needs, it can be made more or less powerful. However, it is not recommended if the hearing loss is large, i.e. it is optimal for people with mild or moderate hearing loss. This model has programs and functionalities. This allows the child to have total control and can adjust the volume according to the needs of each moment.
  • ITC: It is arguably the most used option within the range of custom-made hearing aids. It is custom-molded and fits nicely in the ear canal. It’s another interesting option for people who have hearing loss that doesn’t exceed the moderate level. A plus point of this model is its comfort, especially the wireless features. To give you an idea, your child will be able to connect it to their mobile phone. This will allow you to better follow the conversations over the phone.
  • ITE: This is another bespoke format, but it’s larger than the ones shown above. It is the best option in the event that the child has severe hearing loss. It’s easy to put on, although it’s more visible. Still, it tends to go quite unnoticed. In return, it has advanced functionalities that allow quality hearing.
  • RIE: An in-ear headset that is also known as a RIC. As we can read in the Audicost article, it stands out for being easy to use, versatile and effective. That makes it another one of the most used models. The large part is hidden behind the ear, while it is connected through an invisible tube to the canal. It is presented as a good option for people who have trouble hearing high-pitched sounds. They are light and discreet, the child will be able to do it without problems.
  • BTE: another model that hides behind the ear and its level of visibility is almost zero. After receiving the sound, it is transported through a tube to the ear. It adapts very well to all ages and without hearing loss. It is easy to adapt and is also comfortable to wear.

Which brand of hearing aid is the best?

To be sure that we are going to buy the best hearing aid for our child, the best thing we can do is opt for a hearing aid made by a great brand. Searching for information on this portal of The Best Brand we have found a complete list of the best brands of hearing aids of the moment. Here are some of them.

  1. Beltone: it is currently one of the most demanded. Not only has it proven that its products are very reliable, but it also has a wide range of hearing aids to choose from. That makes it one of our favorite brands. In addition, the firm offers the customer a large number of accessories, hence it is a very interesting option. If you’re looking for quality, you’ll get it with Beltone without any problems.
  2. Phonak: We recommend it for the most demanding people. It is true that it is more expensive than other options, but in exchange, you can be sure that your children will really be able to enjoy the hearing they deserve. To give you an idea, Phonak has received many quality awards in recent years, which is why it is an option to be taken into account. For example, it currently has custom behind-the-ear hearing aids that are giving very good results in children. As you can see, your children will be able to enjoy very good features, which is why it is a benchmark brand at the moment.
  3. ReSound: is another of the best-known brands on the market at the moment. The firm is one of the most recommended by experts, which is why we wanted to include it in this list. Their products are of high quality and stand out for including intelligence so that hearing is of higher quality. We’ve found it to be a good choice for people looking for a premium hearing aid. In addition, there are many options to choose from, no matter what you are looking for your child, ReSound will give you very good results. That makes it at the top of the sales rankings right now.


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