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Garden games for children: how to increase their activity outdoors

Garden games are excellent for the little ones to have fun and exercise outdoors. Girls and boys get many benefits from outdoor activities, such as the vitamin D they get from the sun, reducing stress, and stronger bones and muscles.

However, many children prefer to spend their days in front of screens, locked in their rooms. Fortunately, we have multiple alternatives such as Hasbro toys, to encourage entertainment abroad.

For this reason, we present ideas of garden games for children that help encourage their outdoor activity.

To assemble in the garden

Garden games for boys and girls, such as castles and houses, are ideal for encouraging outdoor fun by creating worlds of fantasy and movement. The portable versions are perfect for easy assembly and disassembly when you’re done playing.

Another option for promoting physical activity outside is a favorite among Hasbro toys: Twister. This Hasbro game consists of placing your feet and hands in circles of different colors on a mat. Perfect for the little ones to improve their physical skills.

Classic garden games to exercise

Among the lawn games for children, trampolines stand out as one of the favorites. A trampoline helps stimulate muscles and improve control of movements. In addition, it allows the development of new skills, increasing the self-esteem of the little ones.

Another traditional outdoor game, perfect for exercising and that never goes out of style, is the jump rope. This simple toy benefits the body, improving coordination and lung capacity. In addition, energy expenditure allows the little ones to rest better.

Garden games for the table

Hasbro board games are perfect for afternoons in the garden with the whole family. Kinetic sand kits are part of the favorite Hasbro toys for little ones. These allow you to model different figures in bright colors.

If we are looking to teach competition rules, the Hasbro Connect 4 game offers a version with balls, ideal for playing outside. Finally, this list cannot miss a classic among Hasbro toys for children and adults: Jenga. The Bridge version is excellent for adding to the family fun.

Garden games for summer days

For the hottest days, games for the garden with water are ideal. Multiple water balloon fillers, water launch backpacks, or even inflatable pools are perfect for enjoying the warmth outdoors. They also stimulate the exercise of children.

Finally, for the little ones, the inflatable pools with colored balls are garden games that never fail. What child does not like to dive into them?

It is important to encourage the little ones to play outside. Fortunately, there are a variety of backyard games to do just that: castles, inflatable pools, and other Hasbro toy options.

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