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invitacion lasirenita ariel

Celebrating her birthday as Ariel “The Little Mermaid”

The Little Mermaid has always fascinated me, since I was a child I sang non-stop. And although there are many new characters, not much has changed the preference for girls for their charm to Ariel. If your daughter is young and between 3 and 6 years old, it is surely one of her favorites; but there is no age to decorate your house or party room with this theme or decoration of the little mermaid, so in tipsdemadre we decided to give you the following ideas:

1.- The invitations of the little mermaid, as well as in my other posts, you will find images of the birthday little mermaid suitable for printing, you can put the photo of your girl, the info of the party, whatever you want (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT IN LARGE):





2.- Little mermaid centerpiece, if what you are looking for is an arrangement for decoration, here is a good idea putting the princess as the protagonist and colored balloons above, the flower can be made with paper, check the tutorial Arrangements with crepe paper flowers:

3.- Food, there are very original and creative ways to present them; in addition to being easy and economical snacks for children’s parties, for example, sandwich stars, are just that, but they stand out a lot and are made with little budget:


The crab-shaped croissants are amazing, like his friend Sebastian, just buy the eyes at a stationery store for $5 you can get a bag. Same with the gummies below:croissant-fiesta-ninos


Both the macaroons above and the “algae” below, seek to make your party look marine. The bottom are sweets that you find in any wholesale store; they come in a roll, just unroll them and put it on sticks for skewers easy! Right?dulces-fiesta-sirenita

4.- The activities, the little ones especially at this age, love to color, so images of the little mermaid; These such as Ariel, Ursula or Triton, can be of great help (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE BIG AND BE ABLE TO PRINT IT):

coloreable-ariel1 colorear-sirenita colorear-triton-ariel colorear-ursula-sirenita

5.- The desserts and cake of the little mermaid Ariel, whether you can make jellies with a gummy star, cake or candy bar, you have many options to make the children’s party look divine for your daughter, family and guests:




6.- The goodies or gifts, this glass with many things (as if it were a treasure) of those that Ariel keeps in the film, I love it! How about the fork? which you think is for combing your hair haha, they can still be soap bubbles!



7.- Little mermaid bags: The bags with sweets can not be missing, do not break your head or spend in very elaborate and expensive bags, these look incredible and you can assemble them by hand, cutting papers of different colors and drawing what is needed, such as eyes for the crab …




And it is that in truth, many of us like mermaids, see these outfits of girls, they are incredible !!


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