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5 Ways to Keep Kids and Pets Safe on Your Property

Having a backyard is excellent if you have kids and pets. Having one allows them to run around and play to their hearts’ content. It can also provide you with space to do some gardening if you like. Regardless of how you use it, it is important to ensure that your kids and pets are safe while they are in your backyard. 

Inspect it Beforehand

Take a few minutes to walk around your backyard, checking for litter, rocks, or branches that could be dangerous before letting your kids and pets play outside. There are also documented cases where people have left dangerous treats or food items for pets to find. Checking the yard beforehand can prevent illnesses and injuries.

Be Aware of the Chemicals You Use

Dogs and cats will sometimes eat grass to help their digestion. When they do, they will also consume the pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals you use in your yard. Therefore, you should check all ingredients before using any products or chemicals in your yard to ensure they are safe for kids and pets. You should also consider alternatives like corn gluten as a weedkiller, or compost as a natural fertilizer, as these are just as effective as chemicals but completely harmless.

Ensure Your Fence Provides Enough Security

Since it is out of sight, most of the time, many homeowners do not maintain their fences. It is therefore common for new homeowners to discover their fence is not as sturdy or secure as it should be.

If you have kids and pets in a home, it is important to ensure that your fence can provide adequate security while eliminating unauthorized access to your home. If your fence cannot provide the protection your pets and children need, contact reputable fencing builders St. Louis to install a new one for you. They will help you choose a fence considering not only security but other factors like cost and privacy.

Pay Attention to Your Landscaping

Numerous plants are very beautiful, especially as they bloom, but dangerous if ingested. An example is oleanders, which are very beautiful and also one of the most dangerous plants a pet or child could eat. New homeowners should check their backyard carefully for dangerous plants as soon as they move in so they can remove them. An alternative is uprooting everything and starting afresh, which is helpful if you do not know how to identify dangerous plants. While doing so might be expensive, you could potentially be saving your child or pet from illness.

Keep an Eye on Them

Many parents send their pets and kids to play in the yard so they can get some work done. While doing so is harmless in most cases, it is still important to keep an eye on them to ensure they are always safe and not doing something they should not be doing. You will be surprised at how fast kids and pets can find trouble where there should be none.

A beautiful backyard gives you somewhere to relax and for your kids and pets to play. Keeping them safe while outdoors requires taking a few simple steps, most importantly by keeping an eye on them so they stay away from trouble.

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