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How to Serve Prawns For The Entire Family

Guests arrive, you usher them in and introduce them to those already sitting. You make sure everyone is comfortable and entertained as you thoughtfully serve prawns for the entire family. The family will appreciate it as you make a hit as a great host by doing something as simple as serving prawns for the whole family.

You may be wondering… how exactly do I serve prawns to the rest of my family? I’m not very fond of seafood, and neither is my husband. My kids won’t eat anything that doesn’t come in a sliceable slice. How can we all enjoy a seafood night around the dinner table?

Serving No. 1

Don’t just think more over where to buy large prawns? Just go for Fishme and find your desired ones. Prawns, one of the most popular types of seafood in the world, can be used in a variety of recipes.

They’re most commonly found in salad form as shrimp is available frozen almost everywhere. It’s an ideal addition to any dish as they add the perfect flavor and texture that you simply cannot find in any other type of prawn.

The great thing is they can be pan-fried or just served with a side of rice and vegetables, and they come fully cooked and ready to eat straight out of the bag.

You can also use them as a substitute for meat in a number of dishes. In the Caribbean, they are served as an appetizer by themselves with a dip similar to wasabi. Prawns are not only good with rice but also pair well with pasta and other types of seafood.

In the United States, it is an appetiser eaten skewered and grilled at a barbecue. Prawns are sometimes dipped in flour and then in an egg mixture and fried until golden brown. The delicious crust created while frying makes this dish a favourite at parties. There is also a cocktail named Black Tiger if prawns are used. This cocktail is made with gin, lemon juice, a puree of cucumber, and a dash of soda water. Shrimp is rich in protein and low in fat, and you can cook them in a variety of ways. Whether boiled, fried, grilled, baked, or used as prawn mushrooms — shrimps provide a delicious and inviting texture and flavour that many people enjoy.

Serving No. 2

To make a basic prawn risotto, you first prepare the rice. From there, sauté garlic and onions before adding your proteins (shrimp) and seasoning (lemon juice or white wine). By the end, you should have a great dish that’s easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and sure to impress anyone at your table.

Risotto is a creamy rice dish. A common traditional risotto recipe uses Arborio Rice, which is a short-grain variety of rice that becomes round and very plump after it absorbs liquid. The rice is then cooked in chicken broth, wine, or other flavorful liquids with fats to release the starches in the rice. Shrimp Risotto Recipe   Chef’s Note  ~ “A perfect choice for your main dish with an extra touch of flavor making this Ricotta Shrimp Risotto decadent!

Serving No. 3

“A spicy prawn soup, hot Indian curry with boiled rice, prawns in salt are among the popular dishes. The prawn dishes are usually accompanied by beer or champagne.” This recipe is a prawn, cucumber, and sour cream salad. I would suggest that you grill your prawns and then toss them with thinly sliced cucumbers, sour cream, dill and chives, white wine vinegar, and a little bit of sugar. This dish can be served warm. It tastes good with hot bread. What a delightful idea! This recipe makes me think of a fresh prawn and vegetable salad, with a delicate vinaigrette over a bed complimenting the natural flavor of the seafood. What a great way to brighten up a tired salad staple by using your prawns as a salad topping! The only problem is that my barbeque sauce from last night is probably still on the stove…

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