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My baby has hiccups in the womb

The million dollar question when you are pregnant and your baby (who is not born yet) has hiccups at all times. Is it normal?

Myths in pregnancy

“You have your belly uncovered” “You’re cold”

“You’re swallowing a lot of fluid”

“You’re not eating well”

1. The first two myths relate to the external climate of the baby and the conditions in which the mother finds herself. We must remember that the baby is inside his bag, with enough protection to any change. Also with the amniotic fluid, which is .5° or 1° C higher than the mother’s temperature, it is always warm and this is not causing for the baby to hiccup.

2. As for who says, the baby is swallowing the liquid… since from 13 weeks of pregnancy until just before birth, begins to yawn, suck and swallow the amniotic fluid. This helps prepare for feeding when it is born.

3. When they say that a mother is not eating well and that’s why the baby has hiccups in the womb, so we must remember, that all food travels through the umbilical cord and the baby eats all the nutrients the mother ingests, no food can cause you to have hiccups directly.

Reasons for hiccups in the baby while you are pregnant

You should not worry, it’s quite normal. Doctors resolve these doubts very often. What your baby has is called a fetal hiccup.

The most common is that it begins at your 28 weeks and until the moment you are born. There is no air entering the baby’s lungs, but there is amniotic fluid as mentioned previously. To exercise, perform these breathing movements. It is normal that, even during the first weeks of life, the baby continues to have hiccups, until their lungs and respiratory system adapt to the new context.

Fetal hiccups, far from representing any type of problem, are totally normal, even considered a sign of fetal health and well-being.

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