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fiesta cumpleaños de Spiderman

Celebrate a Spiderman themed birthday party!

In Tips de Madre we have several ideas of how to decorate a children’s superhero party but there are children who prefer a Spiderman birthday over the rest. And there has not been a year that a new Spider-Man film does not come out, whether acted or animated. You already have a son super excited for his birthday party to be of this theme. But how to do it without spending on so many things like tarpaulins, tablecloths, table arrangements, etc?

The first thing is the invitations, and as in each article, I designed unique and totally blank templates of the perfect size for half-letter printing (CLICK TO SEE IN LARGE):

For spiderman centerpieces, I recommend cutting and pasting figures like the ones you will see below, in fomy, and sticking them to sticks for skewers. It is simple, fast, and cheap and will serve for your children’s party in the house, living room, or garden as an excellent decoration.

Balloons for the party

We always think of them so that they are tied to a ribbon, but how about hitting Spiderman headlong into the room, it looks great!

And if you don’t find a balloon specifically from Spider-Man, anywhere you can find red balloons and do wonders with white paper and a down, check out these ideas.

Do you want to use something original? how about grabbing an old blouse and cutting it into a spider web shape as in the image below

Activities for children

If your guests demand many activities, if you want something made by yourself, colored cardboard, foam sprays in cans, and Spiderman masks and wristbands made with felt, will be a very good option. The children will be happy and excited.

Of course, you should not miss the snack for Peter Parker’s children’s party, these strawberries can be achieved with white chocolate and melted coffee chocolate! Below you will find a simple strawberry jelly with black cardboard trimmed in the shape of spiders. Basically, anything black on a red background can help you with the Spiderman theme.

Remember that you should not miss the piñata on your birthday, Spiderman is a common character so I don’t think you have problems finding it in your nearest market!

The cake, you can send it to make or your make the shape of the number of years that your son or daughter meets and give web effects with melted chocolate, what do you think about having a cake of one of these superheroes?

Finally, sachets for gift sweets, finding a white stencil with a handle is not so difficult depending on where you live. In the center of Mexico City, I could find some that I did of Frozen and they did not come out so expensive. The idea of the hand with red paint, I loved and so your son helps you to elaborate them for all his guests at the party.

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