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6 healthy snacks for your little ones

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In addition to their basic food, many experts recommend including small snacks in children’s diets. This helps them speed up their Metabolism and contributes to their physical and mental development. But, to tell you the truth, choosing the right snack can be a challenge. How do you know which snacks are healthy for your little ones? Take paper and pencil to add these to your shopping list.

1. Vegetable chips

There is a wide variety of vegetables that contain vitamins necessary for the development of your little one, such as potatoes, carrots, beetle, among others. You have on the table a range of ideas to prepare them in an attractive and appetizing way.

Maybe one of the easiest to do and come to mind, they’re bananas, what do you think of the idea?

2. Popcorn

Beyond being the perfect companions to a good movie, popcorn is a classic snack and a very good choice. These contain vitamin E and it is ideal to cook them with a small amount of olive oil and clear, without butter.


3. Jelly

Jelly is colorful, tasty, and fun, contains proteins from animals and you can shape it any way you want if you have the right mold. It is a versatile snack because you can combine it with fruits either fresh or integrated within it.

4. Fruits in different presentations

Fruits can’t be overlooked when it comes to healthy snacks for young people. In this sense, you have a wide variety of options and ways of preparing for you to love your snack. Many of them contain photochemical substances and antioxidants that will help them develop strong and healthy as you wish.

This fun idea is fruit pizza made with watermelon, it’s amazing!

pizza watermelon fruit

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy snack easy to combine with other elements, such as fruits and cereals. It is a product based on different types of milk semi-liquid texture and contains a high calcium content. Ideal for the development of your little ones’ bones. You should check that it is not high in sugars, do not add condensed milk, no jams, no sugar, with fresh fruit and granola with honey, it is an excellent and healthy option.

6. Cookies

Homemade cookies are often practical and nutritious. They are easy to move to school and you can make them with honey, fruits, cereal, and other ingredients that contribute vitamins and minerals to your diet. Have you tried making oatmeal cookies?

Few things are more attractive to a child than a bag of fries, colorful treats, and unhealthy sweets. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Garnish snacks and dress the healthy taste and color. Cultivate in your little ones the desire to maintain healthy eating.

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