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16 Halloween Makeup Ideas (Gallery)

Halloween and Day of the Dead are coming, the perfect season to pamper our little ones with the best makeup so they can go to ask for sweets and be the sensation of the holidays. It is true that making up the little ones when you do not have much experience is difficult, but that is why we bring you 16 ideas of simple makeup for Halloween, which you will surely love.

Let’s start with:

Pumpkin makeup

We can have different versions, it depends on the color of paints you have or what makeup you think your little one may like more. This first one is very pretty, half-face makeup. The first thing you should do is put the light colors, that is, orange. Then we would continue with the black outlines and finally the eyes and mouth.

The second is for those little ones who tend to touch their faces a lot. This way you will avoid that the makeup is unpainted, because we do not paint lips or nose. In the same way we will start with the orange color, then the green and finally the black color.

Here one of the most sought after options, due to the time we are going through. Take care of our little ones while they continue to have fun. We bring makeup with masks, you can buy them directly made or paint mouth and nose on a cloth mask, with special markers or sew it, that will depend on the imagination. You can combine the previous makeup with these masks and thus you will get a unique style.

Witch makeup

Another popular makeup is that of a witch. You can look at different variants below. This one is with shadows, cobwebs on the face and white base.

The following witch makeup for girl is a variant of the previous one, as it has a green base. To make it look even more beautiful, you can add a hat, you can create it yourself as in this case with a little fabric, ribbon and buttons. Remember that the more small details you add, the better it will look.

If your little one has sensitive skin you can choose to only put makeup on an area of the face, as in this case. A thin green mask, can add a little shine and put a detail on your cheek, like a spider.

Makeup with web or spiders on the face, I show you here the step by step.

In the case of children either to be a sorcerer or only if you are looking for a very easy and simple makeup for children, with spiders like the previous ones, you can try the next one.

Doll or doll makeup

Of the most requested makeup are those of dolls, they seem difficult but here I show you the step by step to do it, I remember first using light colors.

Here I show you another variant of makeup for doll, more like a puppet, since the mouth is different and more terrifying.

Clown makeup for girl.

This is another of the most requested. In this case it can be tender. You only need to paint small clouds on their eyebrows, blush on their cheeks and a red naricita.


If you want a clown makeup that is scary and more realistic, you can add small details. Like these lines on the neck.

As for the face, we recommend you first paint the white base around the lips, then the lips purple, then the cheeks and finally outline mouth and eyes. To make a more scary effect you can paint the eyebrows and add rhinestones.

Have you ever wondered

How to make a simple and beautiful Dracula makeup? Here I show you

Let’s start with the eyebrows

Then the shadow under the eyes and on the eyelid. Two colors, three colors, one orange, one light brown and as a contour more down a very dark coffee.

and finally let’s put some fake paint in the mouth.

Vampire makeup for girl.

If you want to do it you can perform the same steps above or add other types of details like the following. A red shadow around and with an eyeliner, paint small bats around. I teach you the step by step.

Finally, being the first option when you come day of the dead or halloween. Found:

Mskull aquillaje for child.

You just have to put a white base, then make up a black circle around the eyes and fill, put crescents on the nose and place lines on the mouth, we can add small details like those cracks to make it look more realistic.

Catrina makeup.

Below we show you the step by step. Do not forget that flowers and colors are what makes this makeup stand out even more.

Another variant is catrina makeup, half face for girls.

The catrina has taken great popularity, but if what we want is not to repeat makeup with anyone. You could choose to:

Original monarch butterfly makeup.

That also reminds us of the catrina but with new elements. You can add a fake butterfly headband as shown in the photo, to make it more attention.

We hope that all these ideas were very helpful to make your little one the soul of the party and never forget their makeup.

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