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22 Names with the letter E for girls

If you are in this article it is because you are definitely about to choose the name of your daughter or because you want to accompany someone close or very dear to you in this important process. In either case, it is necessary to mention that it is not just anything, in fact, it is one of the most important choices for the life of any girl or boy.

Her name will represent her in every way and will become part of her identity. That is why choosing a name that sounds beautiful and has a meaning that is important to you or that represents the characteristics that your daughter most desires over time, is essential. But where to start? that’s the first question everyone asks themselves once. There is no single answer, but if I could give you one, it would be, by exhausting all your options.

Investigate and investigate names of different nationalities or even sonorities, as is the case of this article, where we bring you 23 Names with the letter E for girls:

Why choose a name that begins with the letter E?

As we already mentioned the letter E by itself turns out to have a very beautiful sonority, accompanied by this, once you read all the names that begin with this letter, you will notice that they tend to be very elegant and, therefore, have a lot of presence when they are enunciated. One of the advantages that your girl will have in case you choose one of the following names that we have for you. Another interesting fact is that this letter is considered a sound Heh, which means that it is the sound of breathing, therefore, it symbolizes the human soul or spirit. You imagine that your little one can have this beautiful quality in her name, just by choosing to start with the letter E. Well, once we know a little bit of why it would be convenient to choose it, let’s read all the beautiful options we have for you.

22 Names with the letter E for girls.

  1. Eleonora: Name Italian origin. This is an extremely popular name in this country, many parents choose it because of its great meaning “Strong, bold and brave” Who does not want such a name for their girl? Many associate this name with life. Something that has a lot of potential, delicate, tender and beautiful, with an Aztec origin.
  2. Elia: “Shoot of a plant”, of Greek origin. Like the previous name, it refers to nature. At the beginning of life itself.
  3. Elena: One of the sweetest and most elegant names in Greek culture. Its meaning is “Beautiful which dawn or Sun at dawn”
  4. Eunice:The victorious”, also of Greek origin, a girl ready for any adversity that life imposes on her, intelligent and bold.
  5. Eve: It comes from the Hebrew, the first woman according to the Bible and means “the one who lives” or “the one who gives life”, therefore, a girl with a lot of energy and willing to take care of, but also very adventurous, who will surely be surprised by every detail of her day to day.
  6. Emilia: comes from Latin and means “the one who strives to work”. Ora girl with clear goals, strategic, with a lot of imagination and dedication, most likely ideal for a small leader.
  7. Emille: Of Nordic origin. It is a name very similar to the previous one but this means “kind”. A girl with very good listening, empathetic and sweet.
  8. Emma: of Germanic origin. It is one of my favorite names, since few girl names refer to these characteristics. It means “big”, “strong”, “immense”, “powerful”. A girl full of vitality, who will face all her fears, extremely intelligent, who will fight and achieve everything she sets her mind to, positioning herself to the top.
  9. Erika/Erica: It has a German origin, means rich and powerful. Like the previous name, it has features that will signal independence and a lot of capacity. A born leader.
  10. Scarlet: of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means “strawberry tree” which is a small tree or shrub, it can also refer as such to the color, which is a very intense red. This color is associated with passion, strength, power and love.
  11. Esther: Of Hebrew origin. He is a variant of a star, someone with a lot of light, always guiding others.
  12. Estrella: of Latin origin, comes from “stella”. Having the same meaning as the previous one, although we can add that on many occasions this was used within the Catholic religion, due to the importance of the star of Bethlehem.
  13. Evangelina: of Greek origin, means “good news. That at present could be understood as a very pleasant news. Announcing that this means her life, her presence and her birth, something very special in the life of those around her.
  14. Esperanza: of Latin origin, it means “to wait, the one who waits”.
  15. Estefanía: of Greek origin, means “crowned”, “victorious”. Male form of Esteban.
  16. Wake: Normally it is used in Latin America, due to the pronunciation, it was a variant of stella, which as we already told you can be related to light or the stars themselves.
  17. Edna: This means “rejuvenation.” Hebrew origin. A girl who provides life and who will also have a lot of energy, who will have the ability to preserve characteristics of her youth for a lifetime, freshness, energy, security and creativity.
  18. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: It is Hebrew and means “the one who is noble.” The one who is noble.” It begins with sense as it is realized, a girl who belongs to this social status, but who today can be taken up as a girl who is educated, obedient, intelligent, with many skills, tender and loving.
  19. Elba: of German origin. It means according to its etymology “goblin”, taking up some characteristics could become mischievous, funny and intelligent.
  20. Electra: Very common in ancient Greece and means “gold”, a way to describe the love and infinite value you will have for it.
  21. Elisabeth / Elizabeth: “promise of God”, Hebrew and is usually chosen by parents who have loved their little girl very much and has been granted by their God, a sweet, humble girl with a commitment to those around her.
  22. Eloísa: Of French origin, “whole, complete, untouched, intact”. We close with this name that shows the meaning that every girl must have to be able to do and achieve that she wants.

We hope these names will be very helpful to you. Tell us what do you think would be the ideal name for your baby?

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