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11 Arabic names for girl (female)

The first approach to our little one is given since she is in our womb. From those first moments, we can begin to imagine or intuit what will be their way of being, their main characteristics. We begin to form certain expectations of what we would like him to learn and especially how we want to guide him in life. The first step to accompany him in this adventure called life, is to choose an ideal name for her. That is why we cannot leave this decision lightly and must exhaust all options before choosing a name for our daughter. In tips de Madre we consider it important that you know names from other continents, with unique meanings, but above all that are uncommon, so that they are even more special. In this case we bring you 11 Arabic names for girl, let’s see:

Origin of Arabic names for baby girls

Before knowing the names, we will make a small tour of the cultural issues of the country. Its importance is that the names of each nationality are not made randomly, but are rich in history and reflect much of the beliefs, traditions, social issues.

A large part of the members of this population are settled between the Middle East and North Africa. His The main way of life is centered on customs, traditions and religious beliefs. In this case Islam. From here we can begin by saying that it is a population with beliefs that have developed in them a lot of discipline, which directs its life to a desire to “mature humanity morally, in order to reach the Happiness and tranquility in the world“.

The choice of names in Islam is very important, because it will reflect the desired characteristics for the baby, great care is taken when making such a choice. As such it depends on the parents, but they must take into account that there is a list of names that are considered prohibited, since they reflect little respect for their beliefs. These names are those that refer to the name Allah and its characteristics. Example: as-Samad (One on whom all depend for sustenance), Al Khaliq (The Creator), Ar-Razzaaq (The Provider), etc. It is also forbidden to use names that are pagan, that is, refer to false gods or idols.

Arabic names for girls:

  1. Amal: This name is related to the future of the little girl. It means “hopes, aspirations”, that is, a girl full of strengths, willing to do anything to fulfill all dreams. Remember that, therefore, it is someone strong, brave, intelligent and above all with a lot of imagination and creativity, as well as resilience.
  2. Halima: It means “peaceful, gentle, or patient.” It is a very quiet, relaxed girl, who seeks above all spaces of tranquility and who usually has very good criteria for resolution, as well as good listening and emotional balance.
  3. Kalila: “Good friend.” Definitely, a name that carries many characteristics that will open the way in any situation and that in turn will allow you to relate to people just as good as her. She will be a girl who will avoid judging, good at listening, loyal, tender, kind, empathetic and funny.
  4. Zoraida: This name will lead her to be a powerful woman, very determined, self-confident and knowledgeable about all her characteristics. With a natural charm, wherever you go, you will take all the attention. Its meaning is “captivating, funny woman”.
  5. Nabila: This name has two main characteristics since the translation would be “noble and intelligent”. So you can be sure that your child will achieve what she sets out to do, be very cunning and never lose humility in the process.
  6. Hanane:” Mercy”, this name is directly related to religion. It refers to a girl who will have compassion for the situations of others and will always be willing to help them.
  7. Soraya: One of my favorite names, since it talks about a girl with a lot of light, happiness and energy, but above all beautiful. That will illuminate the life of anyone with whom it relates. As such it means “Star, constellation”.
  8. Zara / Zahra: This refers to beauty, simplicity and life. A girl close to nature and simplicity. It means ” Flower” or “bright dawn”, in this second case it would be the first light of day, before the sun rises. Which indicates that it will bring hope in the face of darkness.
  9. Nayla: “the one with big eyes”, this meaning turns out to be very very clear, it is actually perfect for those girls whose physical characteristic stands out more, are the eyes, remember that they can usually be very expressive and transparent in terms of their emotions.
  10. Zaida / Zahida: It means “the one who grows”, a girl who will not settle for things and will always be in search of her own improvement. You will be independent, resilient and highly intelligent.
  11. Rania: “intensity”, one of my favorite names, since although for many the intensity could be meant as something unwanted, we can also take it up again as a person full of passion, who lives like no one, enjoys in a very particular way and has emotions in a big way.

While you may still be looking for more options. We hope that this information will help you a lot to be able to make the best of the elections. Enjoy your search. Above all, remember that the name you choose will be the right one, since together with the previous meanings, your little one will give her name many more characteristics.

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