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Easy Ways You Can Turn Screen Time for Kids into Success

Whether your kids are watching TV or it’s playing in the background while they work or play, the negative impact of this is beyond our thinking. Nearly half of all children under 8 years of age own a tablet on their own and spend an average of 2.25 hours a day on digital screens.

Initial data from a landmark study by Lancet Child & Adolescent Health that began in 2018 showed that children with less exposure to screen time developed higher mental growth and higher performance in school as compared to the children with excessive use of screen.

Negative Effects of Excessive Screen Time

How does excessive screen time affect your childs’ brain? Below are some of the effects:

  • Behavioural problems: Kids with 2 or more hours of screen time per day start showing signs of anger, social anxiety, and emotional problems.
  • Educational problems: School going kids with exposure to screen are unable to focus on their schoolwork, thus showing poor performance in their tests.
  • Sleep problems: The trend of using screens in bed interferes with the sleep cycle. The harmful rays from mobiles and tablets may lead to insomnia.
  • Violence: If your kid is watching TV shows, music videos or movies with violent content, it will have an impact on your kids’ behaviour. The child will try to copy what he sees on the internet. This is a big concern for parents.
  • Poor Eyesight: Parents tend to avoid a toddler tantrum by shoving a device in their hands. Constant screen time may impact their delicate eyes. Try to curb the screen time of your kids or they might need glasses.
  • Nutrient Deficiency: Children with excessive screen time may lose interest in healthy food as they watch junk food commercials. This may lead to Iron or calcium deficiencies.  Discount prices from PricePro Pharmacy have made medications easy on the pocket in case of need for medications. But it’s better to keep an eye on their eating habits.

For successful screen time:

  •  Preview programs, apps and games before giving the device in your child’s hands.
  • Organizations such as Common Sense Media guide parents on what is appropriate for kids. It’s much better if you accompany your child when he is using a screen.
  • Search for interactive apps and games which focus on cognitive thinking. Educational games and programs are best for kids.
  • Use of parental controls will help in blocking unwanted and inappropriate content.
  • Keep an eye on your kids’ device while he/she is using it. Select a place from where you can see the screen. 
  • Ask your child on the choice of programs he/she watches and what is special about them.
  • Encourage healthy discussions with your child about the choice of programs and educate him/her on proper choice of content.

Some suggestions on how you can limit use of devices: 

  • No screen time in the car.
  • No screens allowed in bedrooms.
  • No digital devices during family meals.
  • No electronics used during family fun nights.

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