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Frases de empatía

Empathy – Phrases for children and adults

The value of empathy as such is a feeling that allows us to be in this world. It is essential to be able to interact with other people, so this is part of me. We are sociable beings who learn from our environment and those around us, both what we want and what we do not want in our person; that is why empathy is so important, it helps us to be and be in everyday life.

To be able to be empathetic it is not only about trying to understand what you feel or what happens to the other, to be able to do so requires many aspects, which many times we will not be able to reach one hundred percent, either for a matter of time or because the other does not want to share certain things; we will still try, with the intention to always do it from the greatest respect. To be empathetic we must understand the person in his context, that is, I am not empathetic if I look at his life or his emotion from my learnings, I must do it from his, so it will be easier for us to stop judging.

Now if for an adult it is difficult, imagine for a child, it can be very difficult for them to express, so here we have several images and phrases that can help them express themselves, which they can rehearse daily in everyday life.

Short Empathy Phrases for Kids

  1. Empathy is not putting myself in the shoes of the other, because I will not stay, I have a different foot than him.
  2. Empathy is observing and accompanying as far as I am allowed, understanding their situation and refraining from value judgments, respecting.
  3. Having empathy is not solving the other’s problem.
  4. You should not always give your opinion, sometimes listening is better.
  5. Having empathy allows you to learn from each other and from yourself.
  6. I must not forget to have empathy for myself.
  7. Empathy allows you to connect with your most vulnerable and strong side.
  8. I can’t know what you’re feeling right now but I’m here to help.
  9. Whenever you don’t know how to help someone, just ask.
  10. Empathy is not a gift, nor is it born with it, it develops from listening.
  11. An empathetic person tries not to shift the focus to himself.
  12. How do I start being empathetic? Identify your privileges and avoid their moral judgments.
  13. Do not expect empathy even if you give it, not everyone has developed it.
  14. To have empathy is to understand that there are no good or bad, simply people in their context.
  15. Looking at things without judgment will take you to take a role of action in the face of the situation.
  16. An act of kindness can change the day for at least one person, and yourself.
  17. To be empathetic is to understand that you are not more or less than the other person, they are different.
  18. If no one gives you listening, learn to talk to yourself, and take that first step.
  19. Attacking who thinks differently or is different won’t make you grow.
  20. Assertiveness is the most appropriate way to defend your rights and take care of the others.
  21. When you take your discomfort with the differences and work individually you not only make a better world but a better version of yourself.
  22. No one has the absolute truth, we all have different views and they are all valid.


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