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Tips for flying with a baby

Traveling with a newborn can be scary. The worst is wondering if they will cry all through the flight and the other passengers will give you the stink eye. Not sure how to get him to sleep in an unfamiliar place or how exactly to travel with an infant? Read on for some useful tips, so you experience less next time you fly with your baby.


The seating arrangement is a cardinal step for your comfort and that of your baby. When you look at the aircraft’s seating map, try to reserve seats with more space because you will need it.

Secondly, you should consider if you will fly with your baby on your lap or purchase a seat for them too. In this case, you will need a car seat or a bassinet. You should always check the airline’s policy because some only allow forward-facing car seats whereas others permit rear-facing ones too. For long-haul flights, some airlines have bassinets, which are essentially baby beds.

Seating is crucial because you might need more bathroom trips for the baby, so it’s best to go for aisle seats. Windows seats can be good too because you have more privacy for breastfeeding, and people will not bump into your arm.

Ear Pressure Discomfort

We all experience ear pressure discomfort, especially during take-off and landing. Babies will feel this too, so they are more likely to start crying.  To ensure your baby’s comfort, you can allow them to feed or suck on their pacifiers. Airlines permit breastfeeding, so it shouldn’t be an issue. 

This way, your little fellow can feel your body’s warmth and be more relaxed during these particular moments. If your baby has an ear infection, check with your doctor if it’s safe for them to fly. If it is, the doctor can also prescribe medicine to ease their ear pain during the flight.

Pack the Baby Essentials

It’s important to always carry with you everything the baby might need while you wait at the airport or during the flight. Some things you should consider are nappies and wipes. Babies are messy, and you don’t want them to stay dirty until you reach your destination.

The study of aviation physiology tells us that flying impacts the physical health and mental health of everyone on a flight, including the passengers; this is an area where specialist flight nurses come into their own. One fact to be aware of is that sudden temperature changes can affect your baby’s well-being. Thus, it’s good to take a baby blanket and a muslin cloth. It will keep them warm, calm them, and make them feel comfortable and protected.

Most airline companies allow you to board with baby milk as long as you are with your baby. Flying causes dehydration, so your baby will be more thirsty than usual. Also, in case of flight delays, you won’t regret packing more food than needed. While in the air, if you want the milk to be warm, always ask the crew members ahead of time because they are busy serving everybody.

Flying with infants can always be unpredictable but easing your trip with these hacks can make it bearable. If you ever need assistance, remember you can always ask a flight crew member for support.

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