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How to improve family relationships

The interaction within the home is difficult in many cases because they are different personalities trying to coincide. To facilitate and improve both communication and family coexistence, certain rules must be established. Here are some examples of basic rules:

1. Each person is responsible for at least one household activity.

Teaching our children to be part of the housework can be difficult, as it requires adaptation on their part. Although they may not accept it in the best way. It is essential to improve family coexistence. We recommend dividing the activities equally for your children. Start with one or part of an activity and increase your responsibility as the weeks go by.

You can also vary the activity by week or day. You will prevent them from feeling bored and developing various skills. Show them that it is not a punishment, but that the place where they live is important and must be taken care of by all. In turn, it indicates that they must respect each other’s work. Set an example and guide them. Try not to choose to ban them from taking things. Rather when they make some mess, they order it. This will improve their independence and order in the house.

2. Communication and assertiveness.

Knowing how to communicate is necessary, but it is even more important to do it properly. Being assertive means saying what we think without harming the rights of the other, but neither do my own. That is, always respecting the thoughts and emotions of others.

The first step to achieving this is to learn to avoid interpretations of the situation. That is, although it seems difficult we must determine what happened, without adding things that we are not sure about. Example: He hit me with a paper ball because he is envious that I still have sweets and he doesn’t. Change it to: He hit me with a paper ball. There is no way to guess what the other feels or thinks. The second step is to share the emotions that caused you that and finally give a resolution. Always be open to listening to the options that the other person can give. In the same way, they must establish rules for modulation of voice and words that may be rude or unpleasant.

It is also possible that the communication is cordial but not recurrent. The first thing is to identify the reason why they avoid saying what they feel and modify small actions so that they have more comfort. On the other hand, you can implement activities such as putting a jar in a specific place where they deposit in writing what they have not been able to communicate, what bothers them, etc., at the time they want to do it. Then they can get together to talk about it and take action.

3. Respect individual times and spaces.

Even though we’re all in one space, it doesn’t mean being together all the time. Both children and adults have the right to individual time. This allows you to get to know yourself, learn and enjoy yourself in a different way. It should be taken into account that each one is unique and that he may have an interest in different activities than the others. It does not mean that they stop loving each other, on the contrary. It can even give them more energy for when they’re living together. We recommend you establish a calendar where there are explicit times or spaces in which they would like privacy or in which, although they share the space, they are doing varied activities. Thus everyone will agree on this calendar so that they do not affect the activities of the other and this will be done in a balanced way.

4. The rules are for everyone.

This is the golden rule. The rules aren’t just for children. They are made for everyone. The way our children will stop taking wake-up calls personally is if it applies to everyone. Without exception. Adults and children must follow the same code. This could even allow you to be closer to them. Avoid misunderstandings. Improve your skills. Educate them for life, not just when they are under your guardianship or at home.

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