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20 Mandalas for children – printable

Mandalas have become extremely popular, and no wonder. They have a very interesting origin, it is the representation of the universe, unity, harmony, and infinity through the balance of visual elements. The incredible thing about these figures is that they can, in turn, have a very pleasant effect on children. They allow them to concentrate, relax, and continue working on their soft motor skills. In addition, the drawings that compose them can be very fun for them, even though many children insist on pasting them in their room, etc.

It can also be a very good activity to do as a family. That is why I am sharing 20 simple Mandalas for boys and girls that are easy to color and very pretty. The best thing is that they are downloadable and printable. You just need to click on the image.

Animal mandalas.

The first is an ideal owl for coloring.


Elephant mandala.

Marine animals are also popular so I share a mandala of a beautiful fish.

This Dolphin Mandala will keep you very busy because although it is easy to color it has many figurines inside that will keep you entertained.

One of the favorite animals for all children, Cat’s mandala.

Bear mandalas.

Flower mandalas

One of the most hypnotic and entertaining figures, as well as the most popular. I share these two options.


Unicorn mandalas

Unicorns are very popular, both among girls and boys. So it would not be uncommon for them to ask you for one of this type. That’s why I bring you salvation with different options.

Dinosaur mandalas

You didn’t imagine there could be dinosaur mandalas. Well, they are the most elaborate and also the most beautiful for you to give to your kids.

Mandalas de Disney

Disney cannot be left out of this. The most famous characters in these figures. First, we have a Mickey mouse mandala.

In the second one, Megara and all the characters of the Hercules movie.

Searching for Nemo is also present. Here we have one of our favorite characters, chiqui.

Heart-shaped mandala

And finally, I also share some heart-shaped models for your sons and daughters, who will surely love them.

I hope you have a lot of fun in the company of these beautiful mandalas and that they become one of your favorite activities to spend time and relax.

What was your son’s or daughter’s favorite?



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