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Loki birthday themed party (children)

There is no doubt that it has been a resounding success the series of Loki, who is the God of Mischief or Lies, where you expect the unexpected throughout the chapters where it stands out Loki besides Sylvie who is the multiverse female variant of Loki, and many important characters, although also striking is a watch cartoon called “Miss Minutes“. As we know, in this series there is an organization that controls time and captures the variants, who leave the Sacred Timeline. Anyway, after so many adventures we were stung for the second season after the chaos that was assembled right?; so I don’t doubt that your kids will want their birthday party with this character and specifically with the setting of this wonderful series.

The organization of this party will be very simple following the tips that we show you, here in Tips de Madre, so that your child has an unforgettable event.

1.The first step is to have the Invitations, and as in my articles, I show you several examples, where you can see that there are totally blank designs for printing at half a letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

2. The Decoration and Centerpieces you can do it with items and balloons in gold and green, which is the distinctive color of Loki’s armor , complementing it with cardboard figures of the mask with horns of this antihero, and you can include backgrounds in black that is part of his armor and, finally, hang pennants with loki’s horns in yellow, interspersed by circles in green and black, so that everything matches. On the tables you can put simple centerpieces, putting in buckets or any container, yellow and green balloons, with china paper of the same color. You’re sure to have a happy birthday with Loki and all these ideas!

3. The Details it is a great idea that you make helmets with Loki horns for the boys and sylvie horned headbands for the girls, so that they have fun and play with them during the party, in addition to taking them as a gift. You can make them with cardboard, fomi or the material that best suits you, painting them at the end of golden color. You can also print posters of the series and paste them in the place of the party to give more atmosphere to it, and make small Cardboard Lokis putting them in different parts of the house.

4. Activities are part of the fun of the party, children can play with Loki helmets or Sylvie headbands that you made them, play to guess what parallel universe they are in or if they travel to the past to stop a nexus event, which is when a person breaks with the timeline, and which they call variants. This game is one of imagination and living in other times and inventing nexus events and going after variants.

I also show you coloring pages that you can print in letter size (CLICK ON SAVE AS):

5. The food, I show you various food alternatives in gold, yellow and green colors, which can not be missing in Loki’s Party, which can be yellow or green apples or kiwis, green rice, green spaghetti, and you can even get golden sweets and decorate the candy with the figure of Loki, and in this way you will keep the theme of the party and the children will enjoy a delicious meal.

6. The Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies, the cake must have at least the horns of Loki, as well as the cupcakes or cookies that will look spectacular with this great character. If you find it complicated to elaborate, you can always send them to do:


7. Goodie Bags you can make them with paper, cloth, or cardboard bags to which you can paste drawings on paper of the helmet with horns of Loki or the headband with horns of Sylvieand memories in addition to the helmet and the headband with which the little ones were playing, you can make candy makers to which you stick the drawing of the silhouette of Loki and you can make popsicles or color sweets by drawing it at the end in golden color with edible paint, the famous timeline. The little ones will love it!


the mold can be this:

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