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Why is Oral Hygiene so Important?

In family life there tends to be a mix of chaos and planning. Balancing the needs of the family around work commitments and ensuring that children eat well, spend their free time constructively and get adequate exercise is quite a balancing act. In today’s world, there is often an abundance of time spent glued to screens and electronic devices and it is important to ensure that these electronic activities do not form the bulk of social interactions and free time. An often-overlooked facet of the family’s health and wellbeing is oral hygiene. It can be easy to underestimate the importance of good gum and teeth health, but it is a vital part of the well-being of every family member. In this article, some of the key reasons why oral hygiene is so important will be explored. 

It can indicate your overall health

Your mouth can be the first indicator that your body is experiencing illness or disease. As an example, diseases such as diabetes can often be indicated in the mouth when dental problems such as gum infections or lesions are identified by your dentist. In addition, research suggests that people with periodontal disease are more likely to be at risk of cardiovascular disease which can be a life-threatening condition if it is not identified early. As your oral health is often an indicator of other diseases, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your family is registered with an excellent dental practice such as Put simply, highly trained and experienced dentists are a key component of the general health of you and your family, so it is best practice to ensure that you and your family receive regular dental check-ups. 

Prevent tooth loss 

Ensuring that you and your family brush regularly and visit the dentist for routine check-ups is a key way to protect against tooth decay which leads to tooth loss. Having tooth decay is an unpleasant and often painful experience which often requires the infected tooth to be taken out. As we only have two full sets of teeth in our lifetime, they must be protected and cared for to ensure that in later life we can still enjoy a full set of healthy teeth. In childhood, we tend to enjoy sugary snacks and drinks that can wreak havoc on our teeth and gumlines if left unchecked. Whilst such snacks are fine in moderation, it is imperative to make sure that children brush at least twice a day with decent-quality toothpaste to minimize the effect of such snacks. 

Improve your confidence 

Having a bright, white smile with teeth in excellent condition can do wonders for your confidence and making sure that your oral hygiene is perfect is a key component of this. Whilst we may not like it, the fact is that today’s world is governed by our appearances, and when we meet new people first impressions count. Few people would be proud of a mouth that is unsightly with missing teeth or heavy plaque buildup. Not everyone is blessed with perfect looks, but we can all ensure that we have a winning smile that gives us the confidence to socialize and feel good about ourselves. 

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